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nenacloth 09-22-2011 09:45 PM

fertile no matter what!!!
My 5th child I nursed for 1yr then right away got pregnant w/#6. Now baby #6 is 7 months old and I got my period bk! This did not happen with #5 and I nursed her the longest. I spotted a few times but that was it, this was full-blown period. Gotta say, after not having one since 2007, it sucked!!! I am nursing my DS around the clock, co sleeping,etc. and still my fertility is going strong. Dont get me wrong, I would love to have more babies (esp more boys, we have 4 DD and 2 DS LOL ) , just unsure about the timing with money, vehicle,etc.
Is there anything I am missing??!! I am wearing him most of the day, he sleeps with me every night and nurses ALL THE TIME!!!! no pacifiers,bottles,etc. he only eats solids when he grabs something off of my plate lol.
or, should I treat this as a sign from Adonai that all systems are "go" for #7?

The Fancy Pansy 09-22-2011 10:09 PM

Re: fertile no matter what!!!

I always get AF back at 4 months PP despite exclusively BF'ing, no paci's, etc. But it definitely does NOT mean my body is ready for another pregnancy. I am almost 12 months PP now, and I know that I still physically am not anywhere near ready for another pregnancy, despite my periods being perfectly regular (and still BF'ing).

Jasmini 09-22-2011 10:31 PM

Re: fertile no matter what!!!
I also got AF all 5 times after 4-5 months back, but didn't get pregnant till I had stopped nursing for at least 1 month (ok, except the last time, I slowed down nursing to only 4 times a night and bang :giggle2: ). My body is just not ready before 20 months I guess.

ETA: I bf every 2-3 hours up to around 20 months, co sleep, very limited paci.....

willownz 09-22-2011 10:40 PM

Re: fertile no matter what!!!
I co sleep, no pacis, bf round the clock, EBF until 6-7 months and my AF always comes back at 4 months PP so it is 100% totally normal, ecological breastfeeding doesn't work for everyone.
I am only just getting ready for another baby and my littlest is 16 months.

DaynaR 09-22-2011 10:44 PM

Re: fertile no matter what!!!
None of those are sure fire ways to keep your preiod away. When it's ready to come back, it just comes back.

I don't think its a sign either way...

If you're not ready for a baby, don't have one until you are?

TofuScramble 09-23-2011 10:48 AM

Re: fertile no matter what!!!
We have 4DD and 2DS too :)

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