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ewjcschum 09-27-2011 10:34 AM

huge lot of newborns/smalls
I made these for my nephew and he has outgrown them all already!!! He weighs 20lbs and is really chubby so they would fit up to a max of 20lbs. He wore them from newborn 8lbs-18lbs.

Pricing buy 1-3 diapers for $9 each
4-10 diapers for $8 each
11-20 diapers for $7 each
21-30 diapers for $6 each

BUY THE WHOLE LOT 29 diapers FOR $160PPD

the trade value is $9 a diaper for trades!!!!

#1-8 traded

First Row:
#9 brown windpro outer with purple minkee tabs purple microfleece inner
#10 orange PUL outer neon green microfleece inner

Second Row:
#11 camo windpro pocket white microfleece inner SOLD
#12 green windbloc outer purple microfleece inner

Third Row:
#13 olive PUL outer purple microfleece inner Applix closure
#14 royal PUL outer yellow microfleece inner applix closure
#15 turquoise PUL outer turquoise suedecloth penguins inner applix closure SOLD

First row:
#16,#17,#18 ALL 3 ARE brown windpro with purple microfleece inner
Second row:
#19 brown windpro with purple microfleece,
#20 camo windpro fleece with white microfleece inner, sold
#21 purple tie dye minkee outer hidden pul and purple microfleece inner

#22,#23 BOTH ARE neon green pul purple microfleece inner SOLD
#24,#25 BOTH ARE royal blue pul with yellow powerdry fleece inner

#26, #27 BOTH ARE olive green pul with white microfleece inner,
#28 brown pul outer purple microfleece inner,
#29 orange pul outer yellow powerdry fleece inner,
#30 red pul outer yellow powerdry fleece inner

row 1:
#31 turquoise pul outer with penguin suedecloth innner, SOLD
#32 red pul with yellow powerdry inner,
#33 purple tie dye minkee outer with purple microfleece inner hidden pul.
row 2:
#34 orange pul with white microfleece inner.
#35 orange pul outer with yellow powerdry inner this one is a stuffable AIO so has some built in stuffing already.

#36, turquoise high loft malden mills windpro fleece very furry and cuter yellow powerdry inner
#37 turquoise furry with yellow inner SOLD
#38 TURQUOISE WINDPRO WITH penguin suedecloth.

#40 green windpro outer yellow powerdry inner,
#41 green windpro outer with purple microfleece inner,
#42 brown windpro with green suedecloth inner.

these are newborns a little smaller than the smalls they fit up to 12lbs.
#43 camoflauge windpro outer brown microfleece inner aio $10PPD SOLD
#44 camoflauge windpro outer brown microfleece inner aio $10PPDSOLD
#45 brown Windpro outer ivory suedecloth inner AIO $10PPD
#46 teal furry windpro outer yellow powerdry inner AIO $10PPDSOLD
#47 baby blue check PUL outer, baby blue cotton velour inner, POCKET $9ppd
#48 army green PUL outer, penguin aqua suedecloth inner POCKET $9ppd

willing to trade for a really nice brand name pocketbook :giggle2: SOME SPACE BAGS, leapster games, wii, wii games, xbox games, playstation games... homeschooling books 1st, 2nd, 4th grade. PUL material, minkee.

ewjcschum 09-28-2011 06:35 PM

Re: huge lot of newborns/smalls

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