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Michelle_M 10-05-2011 09:56 AM

Does anyone here temp and chart to avoid?
We are TTA right now and I really don't want to use hormonal birth control again. This is my fourth cycle not on BC.

We had just been using condoms. But now that my cycle is starting to settle down, we're looking at NFP.

First of all, in general, we use a condom or don't have sex on cycle days 8-22. But I want to fine tune it more than that. So I have started taking my temperature in the morning. I take it between 5am - 6am. I lost my BBT (I think a child got a hold of it so no telling where or when it'll pop up), so I'm using a regular digital thermometer.

Some people have told me that a regular thermometer will work, others have said it's not sensitive enough and recommend me getting another BBT. What do you think?

Also, I was wondering how much my temperature will spike, and how long it would stay up?

Until I can see a clear pattern (3 cycles hopefully), we'll continue to use protection on days 8-22. But I'm REALLY REALLY hoping to get closer to a 1 week window, rather than a two. Especially since I want to TTC next year.

Here is what my chart looks like so far this cycle:
CD 7: 96.8 5:45am
CD 8: 96.8 (taken at 8am, but was told to adjust down from 97.2)
CD 9: 96.3 5:40am
CD 10: 96.6 5:45 am
CD 11: 96.8 6:00am

Another question.. about ovulation prediction kits.
My postpartum cycles looks like this:
Cycle 1: 54 days
Cycle 2: 36 days
Cycle 3: 33 days
Cycle 4: 33 days

Now, according to the chart of when to use the test, a 33 day cycle means I should start testing on day 16. Should I assume that this cycle is going to be a 33 day cycle and start testing on day 16? Or should I operate on the assumption that this cycle may not be that long, and start testing on day 12 (for a 29 day cycle) and then just test twice a day until day 16 in hopes of catching it?

God bless!

Stefibeth 10-09-2011 09:18 PM

Re: Does anyone here temp and chart to avoid?
I would get a BBT. They're inexpensive and with this I think I'd rather be safe than sorry!

I'm guessing the temperature shift experienced probably varies from woman to woman, typically I hang out in the low 97s to very high 96 and when I O I'm up in the high 97s to very low 98s. So my thermal shift is quite obvious. The FAM "rule" is that your temp must stay up for at least 3 days for it to be considered an ovulation shift I think it's at least 0.4 of a degree, right? I can't remember 100% because like I said mine is always really obvious and I've been charting to avoid for nearly a year now :) My temp usually stays up until maybe 48 hours before AF arrives then it drops and usually the day before it'll take a real dive and actually drop below my coverline. That's one of the ways I know AF is on her way!

I've only used OPKs for 1-2 cycles and that was about 2.5 years ago when I first started using FAM! I think if I were you I'd probably go with starting on day 16 since that's based on the shortest cycle you've had, but just to be safe maybe go with day 12. Obviously I'm no help here!

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