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JamieGW 10-07-2011 08:22 PM

Nuva Ring
Any of you mamas out there use Nuva Ring? My Mirena fell out this week, so I'm trying to figure out what to use next.

Xath 10-07-2011 08:23 PM

Re: Nuva Ring
I used the Nuva Ring before I got pregnant and liked it well enough. Fewer side effects than the patch and it never felt uncomfortable. I can't speak to how well it would fit post delivery though.

dncegrl 10-07-2011 08:26 PM

Re: Nuva Ring
I used the Nuvaring before I decided to have another one. It worked wonderful and there were no scares or anything. I liked how I only had to remember it once a month.

Nerissa 10-07-2011 08:46 PM

Re: Nuva Ring
I am currently using the nuva ring. I really like it. No issues when DTD, so scares ( I was horrible at taking the pill). Very easy to put in and take out.

I didnt' have any side effects. I did worry about that since i have had reactions to some BCPs.

aylasmommy 10-07-2011 08:54 PM

I used it prior to ttc and loved it. It's a low dosage, so few side effects. It goes in easily and stays in. I think it came out once during sex in the nearly five years I was on it.

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Michelle_M 10-07-2011 11:12 PM

Re: Nuva Ring
I used the Nuva Ring between DS1 and DS2.

As far as hormonal birth control it was my favorite (I had previously used 2 types of pills, the patch, and the Nuva Ring).

I like that you don't have to think about it. It's just in there for 3 weeks, the out for a week, and then in for another three weeks.

Mine came with a little digital timer. You activate it on the day you put your Nuva Ring in, then it beeps at you every hour on the day you're to take it out. Then you reset it, and the alarm sounds again on the day you need to put it back in. Mine also came with reminder stickers to put on the calendar.

Mine never fell out. My husband never felt it during sex. I had a friend who's NR came out during sex. Her husband pulled out after they were done, and there it was like a little necklace. LOL

They had a good laugh about it.. she rinsed it off and reinserted it. Too funny, right? Seriously though... it was my favorite of the hormonal birth control options.

Now we're using NFP. We use a condom on days 8-22, in the meantime I take my temperature every morning, use OPKs when cervical mucous shows up, and am charting everything.

You can get Cycle Beads, which give you a visual of what cycle day you are on and if it's "safe" to have unprotected sex during that time. The instructions are to use protection on days 8-19, for women who have cycles that are 22-32 days long.

I don't use the beads.. I just keep track of what day I'm on using

God bless!

GreysBumatomy 10-09-2011 09:22 PM

Re: Nuva Ring
I used it for a while in HS and college. It worked well. Only problem was dryness down there. If you do it, Id set a reminder in your phone or on the calendar when to put in and out, because i would forget alot of times.

MichelleSG 10-09-2011 09:26 PM

Re: Nuva Ring
I haven't tried it but I had a friend who did and she got violent migraines from it. Took weeks to abate after she took it out. Hormonal thing I'm sure. I'm prone to migraines (had an AVM in my right frontal lobe that developed into and aneurysm that burst and stroked) so I won't even try it. Neither of my Mirenas fell out though but I can understand not wanting to have a repeat of that!

newmommy13 10-12-2011 08:21 AM

Re: Nuva Ring
I had serious mood issues. I couldnt even stand it after 2 weeks i took it out. Like serious dont look at me or i will scratch your eyes out. Lol

mabelinoad 10-12-2011 08:25 AM

Re: Nuva Ring
it dried up my milk immidiately, and messed up with my horomes. so we went on mirena and that was perfect...sorry yours fell out!

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