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Angel89411 10-10-2011 06:36 AM

October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
Another week in October hopefully with more babies. Nicole started us off this morning (still super excited!) and there is a full moon tomorrow night! Hopefully anyone over due or close will be sprung into labor. I can't think of a QOTW so if someone else has anything to ask, just post below and I will update the OP.


QOTW per Brandilyn

QOTW: What indulgence have you been avoiding due to pregnancy that you plan on rectifying once you aren't?

z1ggy23 10-10-2011 06:38 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
QOTW: What indulgence have you been avoiding due to pregnancy that you plan on rectifying once you aren't?

Super excited about nicole!!!

Angel89411 10-10-2011 06:41 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
I keep getting sharp pains through my lower pelvic area and in my actual vagina. Not contrax just random sharp pains that hit out of nowhere for a second. They sometimes aren't bad and are sometimes enough to make me jump and shift uncomfortably. I have a lot of funny, random feelings. More TMI - DH and I dtd and I had light contrax now and then last night. Nothing to call home about. It kind of gave me renewed hope in my body. I am just so paranoid of going over again. I am actually not wanting him to come until at least next Monday night but mostly because I have so much to do!

QOTW- I want a Strawberry Daiquiri. That will have to wait until he can go 3-4 hours between nursing. I kept forgetting and almost trying to order a drink on my birthday. And I don't want a virgin daiquiri. I want the real deal!

nicolejshannon 10-10-2011 07:02 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
QOTW- I want a BIG glass of red wine! That's all! :)

Nancy-I have those same sharp pains as well.
Still have non-painful contractions everynight. We'll see what this week brings! I have dance practice 1x a week and I keep thinking that the day after practice, I'll go into labor, but nothing yet. AND our hot water was out this am, so I had to take a super cold shower before work. Wasn't sure if that was going to kick start labor or what. So far, it hasn't! We put the bags into the car today, so that we'll be ready once it's time!!

litllegreekmama 10-10-2011 07:27 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
QOTW-definitely some wine maybe a beer! I'm not much of an alcoholic beverage kind of person, but having a glass of wine or one of the interesting beers my brother in law gets for our sunday afternoon dinners at the in laws sounds so nice! It's a great way to RELAX!
hoping the full moon does some work for everyone!

Incubus527 10-10-2011 07:36 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
I guess I'm the odd one that didn't really abstain from alcohol during pregnancy. Sure we didn't drink as much as normal (which was not a lot to begin with, maybe 1-2 beers 1x a month) But at least 2-3 times this pregnancy I had a half glass of beer. I do really want wine, which means I'll have to get it since dbf isn't a big wine drinker. I think I want a nice glass of Chard. mmm. Other than that, I haven't done anything "different" during pregnancy.

And I'm not sure if I complained about this to you ladies yet, but the past 2 weeks or so I've had horrible carpal tunnel pains, mostly in my right hand, but definitely in both hands. My fingers go numb and tingly too. The wrist brace works somewhat, but I only got one so I have to alternate. I just hate waking up in the middle of the night not being able to fall back asleep for an hour or more. :pokey: This is the ONE pregnancy thing that I am so over. I never had it with ds, nor the swelling in my feet, but I can deal with swelling. This dang pins and needles in my finger tips is (rant over)

Other than that, I've gotten a LOT accomplished this weekend. I'm 38 weeks 4 days today, so I really had to get a lot of stuff finished up. (Can I go tomorrow on the full moon?!? please?!?!) Especially since my weekdays are so busy during the day doing daycare, then nighttimes are spent *trying* to relax but mostly just doing dinner, dishes, bedtime stuff, that I have no time/energy to do anything else. So today, I am off (yay 3 day weekends) I can finish some of the sewing I've been wanting to do.

(Sorry for being so long, I'm chatty at the moment, lol)

z1ggy23 10-10-2011 07:48 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
AOTW - Sushi. I didn't abstain because of fear of raw fish, but more for the fact that fish and I don't get along at ALL during pregnancy. Still waiting on the right time to indulge, however.

I have been reading everything and thinking about all of you waiting on labor. I just feel kinda funny posting since I have already been holding my little one for so long :\

kimmiepie 10-10-2011 08:08 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
Everyone is having their babies!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: Congrats everyone!!

I have been MIA due to this stomach virus running through our home. It seems never ending. :( So far everyone is "well" but I still tons of laundry to clean up, rooms to sanitize etc. and I'm constantly worried about keeping the house clean because I don't want anyone else to catch it. It has not been fun and I'm thankful baby hasn't been born yet at this point. It seems to take a few days for the next person to catch it, so maybe I do want baby to be late this time. :giggle: Maybe not. If he's born I can stay in my room away from the mess and hubby can deal with it. :roflmbo:

Anyway, QOTW: I can't really think of anything at all!!

gem898 10-10-2011 08:23 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
I'm really hoping this full moon thing will get things started for me! Only 10 days until my EDD.. ah!

My husband's job has changed and he's now working almost 2 hours away. The company pays for him to stay in a hotel but it's hard to have him gone right now and I'm really worried about when the baby is born. He's taking a week off after she is born, but I know that it will fly by. We have lots of family to help out, but I really just want my hubby. KWIM?

QOTW: I have GD, so I have a huge list of things I'm looking forward to eating and drinking! Candy corn, an ICEE, a shirley temple, cake, a full order of french toast or pancakes, real lemonade. I really haven't felt deprived since my diagnosis, but it will be nice to be able to be a little less cautious about what I eat!

Angel89411 10-10-2011 09:31 AM

Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16
DS2's outfit is finally finished (including washed and lanolized). I decided that I am going to add elastic to his waist bands, though so there is still that. I am not sure if it will fit him in the hospital for pictures and such. I sure hope so! If not, when we do his pictures with his brother, he will wear this.

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