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Octmom2009 10-16-2011 02:48 PM

My birth story!
I finally have a minute and both girls are sleeping so here is my crazy birth story:

Oct. 13 - I had been having sporadic contractions all day again as I had for the last 3 weeks. They were all uncomfortable this time so I starting thinking maybe this was my body gearing up for labour but wasn’t yet convinced. Around 9pm I was still having sporadic contractions and decided to take a bath, take my gravol and go to bed. Hoping I would either wake up after a goodnights sleep or wake up in labor. I got a couple hours of sleep before waking up at 12am with painful contractions. I decided at that point that I should get up and time them as they were intense. Right away they were 1-4 minutes apart. For some strange reason I thought that was impossible to just start and be that quick so I still didn’t believe it was true labour and waited a full hour before deciding to wake up DH and call my midwife team. So I finally paged my midwives and told them I thought I was in labor for real this time and contractions were 1-4 minutes apart. They said I need to get to the hospital right away but had bad news the hospital I was suppose to deliver at was full and on redirect and that I would have to go to another hospital that was further away and they could not deliver at as it was out of there area so I would need to deliver with the on call OB. I was devastated and immediately start crying and told DH that this baby was not coming tonight and I was not in labour because this was a nightmare! Naturally my body very quickly told me I was indeed in labour and baby was quickly on her way. So we pack up DD1 to drop her off at the IL’s and head to the hospital. On the way to the hospital I realize I had no idea where we are going, what floor, nothing as I had never been to this new hospital so I had DH call them to 1 - Tell them we were on our way and that I was now contracting every 2 minutes and 2 - To find out where to go. So DH calls and explains that the hospital we were suppose to go to can’t take us and we are heading there now. The nurse asks DH to hold and he can her saying to another nurse “What do I tell them? We don’t have room either!” So he interrupts and says “my wife is having contractions every 2 minutes, every hospital is full, Where do we go?” The nurse said to go to whatever hospital we were closest to. So at this point we had just past the hospital I was suppose to deliver at. We paged the midwives again and told them what was happening, they spoke to a nurse at the hospital and she said to come and they would figure it out. At that point I was so relieved I was going to get to deliver with my midwives as planned and I started to calm down.

So after our wild adventure we arrive at the hospital around 2:20am, my midwife checks me I am still at 5cm but now very soft with bulging water. At this point the contractions were coming fast and hard and were extremely intense. With DD1 it was 6 hours from 5cm until she was delivered so I was feeling really disappointed that I was already in intense pain and even though I went drug free with DD1 I was already thinking I didn’t want to do it again. Well about 20 minutes later I was feeling some pressure so my midwife checked again and I was already 7 cm, I gave her the go ahead to break my water. Immediately after she did I had an extremely intense contraction that lasted for what felt like forever. 10 minutes later they were saying they didn’t think I was quite there yet as I was still to nice well another 5 minutes passed and I told them I was feeling like I needed to push. They check again and all that was left with a small anterior lip. I changed positions, 2 contractions later I told them I need to push now, the lip was still there but my midwife pushed it aside during a contraction and I was now a complete 10 and ready to push. DD was still high when I began pushing but with the first contraction she was already crowning. She probably could have been out on the next push but I was completely in control and pushed very slowly to allow everything to stretch so 8 minutes after I began pushing DD was born at 3:51am on Oct. 14th just 1.5 hours after arriving at the hospital!!! I managed to escape without any tearing :D DD is a very lucky girl and her angels must have been watching over her as when she came out her cord was wrapped under both of her armpits and around her neck, so she was basically completely tangled up in the cord. She was slightly blue but breathing and quickly turned pink after the cord was removed. Because she came out so quickly I had lost a little more blood then they like so I had some extra oxytocin (I think, that’s the name). They told me if the bleeding didn’t stop in the next few minutes I would need to have an I.V started and they wanted me to try to pee as apparently a full bladder can cause extended bleeding. So I peed and the bleeding did slow right down but at this point I discovered something didn’t look right. They took a look and thought I might have a prolapsed uterus. Thankfully it was not my uterus but it was my cervix. So I’m not allowed to lift anything heavier then the baby and need to try to stay off my feet as much as possible for now in hopes that once everything heals it will stop and correct itself.

DD2 is so far an awesome baby and the complete opposite of her sister. She is a nursing champ! All she wants to do is nurse, she is not a sleepy baby at all like DD1 was. She’s super alert and already has periods of awake time up to 3 hours. We are so in love with her already and DD1 just adores her sister. All she wants to do is give her kisses :)

amyvincent 10-16-2011 03:26 PM

Re: My birth story!
Beautiful story!!! Thanks so much for sharing..congratulations!

momof3boys1girl 10-16-2011 03:32 PM

Re: My birth story!
DDC congrats!

Livngabesmomma 10-16-2011 04:01 PM

Re: My birth story!
Congrats! Such a crazy adventure that ended well!!

litllegreekmama 10-16-2011 05:20 PM

Re: My birth story!
so cute! what a great birth story...definitely lively!

solarbabies 10-16-2011 07:58 PM

Re: My birth story!
DDC: Congrats! Sounds like quite the adventure! She is beautiful :wub:

moonpuppyswifey 10-16-2011 10:22 PM

Re: My birth story!
Wow exciting story! Congrats I'm so happy for you! And she's beautiful :wub:

bpure8 10-16-2011 10:34 PM

Re: My birth story!
Congrats! She's beautiful. Great journey! So glad you were able to deliver with your original MW's

5PrincessMommy 10-17-2011 12:24 AM

Re: My birth story!
DDCC but just wanted to say congrats and she is beautiful! 6 years ago on Oct 14th I had my 3rd daughter!

BrandNewMama 10-17-2011 01:38 AM

Re: My birth story!
Congrats! What a wild night! Glad everything turned out alright!

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