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idigchaitea 10-16-2011 08:50 PM

What do you feed your 11-12 month old?
DS has never REALLY liked baby food, but I still buy it and try my hardest to get him to eat it. He'll mainly eat the pureed fruits. I'm just not sure what type of finger foods I should be giving him at this age. I give him tiny pieces of chicken, banana, gluten-free cheerios (DS1 is GFCF), and tiny pieces of apple (which he chews forever and doesn't really swallow). Any other ideas? It doesn't seem like he eats a lot. I'm having some trouble remembering what I fed DS1 at this age. He ended up having a sensitivity to wheat and dairy, which we took him off of last year after 3 years of eating lots of cheese, breads, and milk. I'm a little worried that my other son will have the same problems. Because of this, would it be okay to give him dairy alternatives instead of whole milk when he turns one? He is BFed now.

Thanks for any advice!

Leiiki 10-16-2011 08:55 PM

Re: What do you feed your 11-12 month old?
DD has always just gotten a little of whatever we're having, plus a few things like grapes and dips that are toddler-friendly. Steamed fresh or frozen veggies (corn is her fave), yogurt, applesauce, tortillas, sticky rice. Soft fish or chicken, batons of beef or pork.

mibarra 10-16-2011 10:06 PM

Almost any soft fruit but citrus/strawberries. Eggs. Cheese. Toast/crackers/bread. Meat that's been ground up some on a food mill. Soft cooked veggies like carrots. Ravioli/pasta without sauce. Natural fruit leathers. Yogurt. Cottage cheese. Applesauce/other fruit sauces. Chex (bonus :gluten free :) ). Homemade fries. Mashed potatoes.

But both my girls got teeth fast. :)

jbug_4 10-17-2011 06:46 AM

Re: What do you feed your 11-12 month old?
for the most part he eats whatever we're eating. Canned fruit in juice (not syrup). Pears/peaches canned are both very soft- you don't have to cut them up just give the slices. DS loves canned pears, he prefers fresh peaches. Shredded cheese, ravioli- we do with sauce. Pasta with and without sauce.This may sound weird but canned, diced tomatoes or stewed diced tomatoes- he loves them. Yogurt, frozen yogurt melts, applesauce, steamed broccoli (I cut florets in half, but not in tiny pieces and I cut the stem off- only because he will shove a floret the size of his fist in his mouth- its funny but then he has to spit it out in order to eat it) and green beans. Roasted carrots- the only way he likes them, roasted potatoes. Home made sweet potato fries (baked). Meatless homemade pizza- he really likes, we put spinach on it. He loves chicken and fish, but that is all the meat he'll eat. He is offered whatever meat we are eating he just doesn't eat it. Rice- he loves any flavor rice.

We have family history of food allergies so we have not given him any eggs, things with nuts or strawberries. We just introduced fish at one. We will introduce eggs in baked goods/pancakes first then try scrambled. Next strawberries. And we will not introduce anything nut based until after he is tested. DD has a severe peanut allergy that was found through testing not exposure.

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