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HippieMama74 10-17-2011 06:17 AM

fussy baby poop and nipple issues long
Does anyone else have one? Aliyah is so fussy and I feel so bad for her, and for me, and its driving me crazy wondering why shes like this. I freaked out last Sunday because she had blood in her poop. She has always had mucousy like strings in her poop and it varies from yellow to green but when I called the ped she said it just sounded like an allergy and for me to go dairy free and see if that helps. Well I've tried but I accidentally keep eating stuff that I don't know has dairy in it. There's been no more blood but its still loose and mucousy. I don't know if its truely an allergy, possible oversupply, foremilk/hindmilk imbalance or something more serious. Shes not running fever or anything just fussy most all her waking hours, super gassy, acts like shes starving all the time and has these odd poops. Maybe its colic, I don't know but I'm going crazy. I can't get anything done, I feel like my baby is broken and I can't fix her. To top it off, I have plugged ducts in one breast and both have places that look like busted blisters or raw spots close by my nipples. Her latch is good but her tongue is white so I wonder if she has thrush now from the antibiotics I had in labor since I was group b positive. Anyone else have any similar issues or am I alone?

Ten 10-17-2011 07:59 AM

Re: fussy baby poop and nipple issues long
No advice - just :bighug:

redpajama 10-17-2011 07:59 AM

Re: fussy baby poop and nipple issues long
That really does sound like food allergies to me. My second child had blood and mucus in her stools (also, horrible eczema on her face/body) and my doctor was really dismissive of my suspicion that it was food-allergy related and sent us, instead, to a dermatologist (to treat the skin issues). We ended up sort of accepting this as "normal for her," but we could never quite get rid of the eczema, even with steroid creams, and she would have HORRIBLE diaper rashes (that, of course, my mother was SURE were caused by our cloth diapers).

When she started solids, it was obvious that she had a dairy allergy--if she fed herself yogurt, for example, it would leave a raised rash wherever it touched her skin (around her mouth, or if she dripped it onto her belly or got it on her fingers). This was around 12 months. At 16 months, she took a bite of a cashew (I took it away from her because I was worried about her choking on it--wasn't thinking allergies at all) and had an anaphylactic reaction to it. As a result, we had her allergy tested at about 2 years, and learned that she was allergic to cashews and pistachios. I mentioned the eczema (which, by then, would wake her up in the night because it itched so much) and the allergist tested her for dairy and egg, which both came back positive (but especially egg--she had mostly outgrown the dairy allergy). As soon as we had eliminated both for 2 weeks, her eczema had entirely cleared up.

She's almost 5 now, and we've re-tested her (at 4) and after an oral challenge at the doctor's office, she can eat egg now, so we only have to avoid nuts.

Anyway, I definitely think it's worth being diligent about eliminating dairy (and if that doesn't do the trick, try egg and then soy). If she *is* allergic, it doesn't mean she'll always be allergic--but you could save yourself (and her) a lot of trouble by catching it early.

Good luck!

MamaCoffee 10-17-2011 09:00 AM


Aside from actual blood in her stool, everything else, mucousy green poop, gassy, fussy, all that sounds exactly like DD. I went off obvious dairy (milk, cream, butter, etc...) and saw a change in about a week, so I completely eliminated all dairy and she's a totally different baby! Happy, content, and enjoyable. It's tough, I've gotta read every label and ingredient listing because TONS of stuff you don't even think about has some form of dairy in it. But there are some great dairy replacements out there and resources like has lots of great info. There is a thread in the breastfeeding forum that has some good info!

Good luck momma!

DS phone app math: NAK-ing + a small touchscreen keyboard + autocorrect + poor proofreading = potential for incoherence. My apologies.

kelseyjoy 10-17-2011 10:30 AM

Re: fussy baby poop and nipple issues long
Yes, sounds really similar to what my baby was like before cutting dairy out of my diet. We had no blood in her poop, but it was green at times. Alice was so fussy and gassy all the time. I would feed her and then spend the next two hours consoling her because she was in pain. I cut out dairy and noticed a difference almost immediately. I found that soy was almost worse than dairy for us, so I have cut soy too. It is hard because most processed food has either soy or dairy. I try to be pretty good about that, but some days I cave and eat something that has milk in the ingredients. That doesn't seem to be as bad for Alice if it's just a small amount.

You can find some helpful information on food allergies/sensitivities on Here's a direct link. Milk can take 2-3 weeks to leave your system, so it may take that long to see a difference in your baby. It's really hard to cut dairy out, but it was worth it for us. Alice is not a fussy baby anymore! She is calm and happy most of the time and I am finally able to get some sleep now! Good luck!

srkobus 10-17-2011 10:58 AM

Re: fussy baby poop and nipple issues long
sounds like food intolerances to me. if she is really miserable go on the eliminatin diet. that eliminates all the major ones. dairy, wheat (this is our problem!), soy, eggs, nuts, caffiene. then when you see improvement start adding in those foods every few days leaving dairy for last and see if there are any more symptoms. also if the white on her tongue doesn't wipe off and your nipples are pink/shiny/ or flaky its probably thrush. there are several of us moms who are battling this also. we are currently doin gentian violet with some triple nipple cream and gse and probiotics to kick this. hugs mama! bfing can be so difficult in the beginning. i thought by my fourth it would get easier but no!

army_princess 10-17-2011 02:41 PM

Re: fussy baby poop and nipple issues long
Have not read anything.....

I have sore boobs and nipples, I am pumping so I think that is partially why my nipples are sore. But also with the over supply and over active let down I get a lot of pain.

LO has green poop from time to time and she is also always super gassy, it is because the over supply, I try to nurse a bit, pump then give her the breast again to get more of hind milk. Since doing this she has not had green poop again. She still has issues with gas, some might be due to her swallowing air, but I think she also has issues with the milk. My other 2 have milk issues, nothing severe, and I am allergic to milk protein. I never had to cut milk out of my diet with the other 2, basically the GI told me to limit dairy where I could, substitute with soy or something else, but I did not have to eliminate milk 100%. Nannon was fine with nursing after a few weeks. I am sure this LO will be fine in a month or so.

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