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eandgmom 11-26-2011 09:06 PM

RSV Pneumonia
I know a lot of you have been there, done that......but, this is our first. I'm scared out of my mind. It is in it's earliest stage. Fortunately, his Sat's are good right now. For those who have been there: What treatments did they use? How long in the hospital (or did you stay home for it?) How long did it last?

qsefthuko 11-26-2011 10:02 PM

Re: RSV Pneumonia
While I haven't been there done that I did work housekeeping in a hospital. What I would see was the babies kept in an oxygen tent and on IV antibiotics if it was really bad. They all recovered fine and went home healthy. Talking to the parents it seemed harder on them than on the kids because of the stress and worry.

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