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Lilmeow 11-28-2011 05:40 PM

*planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!
SUPPORT THREAD ONLY!!! If you are here to advocate vbacs/ or a vaginal birth in any way please choose to do it somewhere else!!!

*~* My Due date is the 24th of March...
*~* This is my 4th child and will be my second section (if your real curious do a search on my thread posts!)
*~* I dont know for sure my Section date but dr mentioned the 16th. (I am planning to push for a later date...)

After my first thread for support on c-sections i have realized I still need a birth plan, this is going to be different then any other plan i have set up with my other 3 babies! SO Id like help getting this started.. Im starting with a totally blank plan! What i really want is for my baby to not leave mine/BF's eye site.. I want her in the OR with me and to follow me to recovery. I want her to nurse ASAP! -- i really know nothing about sections as my first one was a total emergency and i was put under!

and let the ideas/comments and SUPPORT begin!!


veveland 11-28-2011 05:53 PM

I have not had a section, but my SIL is getting ready for her first planned one (first was an emergency). They recommended her having a spinal so less morphine is needed and to ask to stay awake while closing the incision.,this helps you be more alert and off to recovery faster to nurse baby. Unless there are complications, if you are awake, baby should be able to stay in the OR with you. If not for some reason, your BF should be able to go with baby. HTH!

I'm not incompetent. Autocorrect is. Sent from my iPad.

Fusion 11-28-2011 06:11 PM

Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!
One interesting thing I read on a different board was that some doctors don't cut into the original incision, and they end up with 2 scars. I would rather my dr take her time (if possible of course) and excise the original scar tissue and leave w/ only one scar again. I thought all drs did this, but apparently not! Of course in an emergency situation basically anything goes, but for something planned I would want it as "neat" as possible.

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 11-28-2011 06:31 PM

Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!
I read about a birthplan but lost the thread. I have had 2 cs, this will be my third, the dr's here do cut along the same scar, you may want to talk to yours and make sure.

mommyria2 11-28-2011 07:04 PM

Do get a spinal, I didn't need any morphine. I just did motrin and darvocet (sp) and I was uncomfortable but fine. I don't know how they do the bfing asap, ds was taken to the nicu immediately.

Oh a lot of women say they you should make sure your arms are not strapped down. I honestly don't remember if mine were or not, but they probably were.

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 11-28-2011 07:22 PM

Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!
My arms were not strapped down either time neither, being tied will make me panic, they told me as long as I don't try and get up during the c/s they will leave my arms

TexasRachel 11-28-2011 09:17 PM

Three cs, one vbac and the next will be a cs here. With my last they said they only do spinals now not epidurals which made me glad because I hated my epidurals. I've also always been told they had to strap me down, although it was never too bad, I could still move my arms. I've never had a birth plan because things change so much. I just ask the dr or nurse if we could do things differently if I don't like something. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But I'm pretty easy going.

musicalisa 11-28-2011 09:21 PM

Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!
(Yeah, I don't think anyone actually read this, but everyone was great so it ended up as I wanted.) This was something I wrote up for my son's birth three years ago. Feel free to lift anything you like.

To my hospital health care providers:

I am eager to make the birth of my son via planned cesarean due to placenta previa as close to the experience of a normal vaginal delivery as possible.

It is important to me to be able to have the baby within my sight, and to touch my baby as much as possible following his birth. Therefore, I do not wish to have any sedative drugs administered intravenously. Please review the contents of my IV with me before administering. I also wish to have at least one arm free during the surgery, preferably both unless I am unable to control my movements.

I wish to delay any non-essential trips to the nursery until after he has had an opportunity to breastfeed. I would appreciate if any routine evaluation could be done in the OR.

It is my goal to latch the baby on the breast within the first hour of life. This is a critical time in the baby's alertness that I wish to take advantage of. With help from my husband and the nursing staff, I should be able to breastfeed in the "biological nurturing" position even if I am still restricted to my back.

My husband will be present for the birth, and at any time that I am physically unable to hold the baby, he will be able to hold him. It is our preference that the baby's body temperature be regulated by skin-to-skin contact rather than under heat lamps.

Thank you so much for helping me to achieve my birth goals. I realize that I may be asking for some things that may be different from the usual order of surgical births. However, my doctor and midwife assure me that the excellent staff at *hospital* will do everything you can to help me have the birth I desire. I am confident that we can make this the most gentle experience for my new son and me.



Originally Posted by Lilmeow (Post 14200268)
What i really want is for my baby to not leave mine/BF's eye site.. I want her in the OR with me and to follow me to recovery. I want her to nurse ASAP! -- i really know nothing about sections as my first one was a total emergency and i was put under!

You can do this, mama! Check out some of the resources in the 8th edition of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. There is a photo of "breastfeeding after a cesarean section" which shows a mother nursing a baby fully reclining because her blood pressure was too low to sit up. I also happen to know that it was exactly 30 minutes after the opened her up. (I know this because the pic is of me. ;) )

png_lovebirds 11-29-2011 09:40 AM

Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!
Bumping this up! I will be having my 5th, and probably final, Csection in March! I would love for it to be the best one yet!

Keep it coming!

Computermama 11-29-2011 10:00 AM

Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!
I am slowly assembling a birth plan, and because I like to be thorough, I'm including a birth plan for a repeat cesarian section just in case it does become necessary, although my first and most vehement choice would be a VBAC. My cesarian was a last minute decision, so I knew nothing of my choices going in, nor could I make them known.

Things I am including:

I must not have my arms strapped down. This was probably the most traumatic part of my cesarian the first go around. I was not expecting it and being restrained caused me no end of panic. That and I couldn't signal when I had a mouth full of vomit and couldn't expell it, which make me panic more.

I want my husband and child to follow me to recovery. Being separated from my newborn baby, knowing that everyone in my family was getting to hold her before me was torture. I felt so cheated.

I want to nurse ASAP - if not on the OR table, then in recovery.

I definitely don't want a second scar if possible.

Unless absolutely necessary, I don't want to be knocked out. I recognise that sometimes in emergency situations that's required, but short of that, no thanks. I plan to find out what method/drug the anesthetist used during my cystectomy earlier in the year, because whatever it was I reacted badly to it and couldn't stop vomiting - I'd like to avoid that this go around.

If I cannot be with my child because the baby is ill and needs help elsewhere, my husband is to go with the baby. I want one of us at minimum to be with him or her.

I want something other than morphine for pain once the spinal wears off - morphine makes me loopy and tired.

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