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Kelolsen-and-Padawan 06-09-2006 08:40 PM

tattling - I have a question about this
Okay, my kid is 5 months and there's no siblings in the house LOL so he's not tattling on anyone :) However, here's what I want to know. I've read alot of things from you ladies and you say that tattling really bugs you, you punish for it, etc. However, where do you draw the line as to what is "bad tattling" and what is "okay tattling" Let's say big bro totally hauls out and hits your younger child and younger child tells you. Is he tattling? Or do you consider tattling when its whiny and chances are, the tattling kid is just as guilty? What's your experience and care to share any words of wisdom for a new MOmmy who was an only child :) I never had siblings or even cousins to tattle on :)


stephdpn 06-09-2006 08:48 PM

Re: tattling - I have a question about this
I don't mind someone (my DD, usually) tattling if she gets hit or if someone is hurting themselves or someone else. What drives me nuts is the tattling about stupid stuff, like "she looked at me funny" or "she won't let me have a turn" or "she said she's not my friend" or "she took her shoes off" or "she said she's older than me", etc and so on...I usually tell my DD that she needs to learn to work it out with her friends and usually I am close by and hear the whole exchange anyway...I guess what bugs me about it is that it is often just an "attention getter" and she tries to see how many times she can interrupt me in one conversation!

Ontariomama 06-09-2006 08:49 PM

Re: tattling - I have a question about this
*tattling* is telling with the intention of getting the "tattled on" in trouble.

ie: (this was today)

Moooommmmmmmm, Evan's touching my plate!

Mooooommmmmmm, Adrien's sitting too close to me!

AHHHHHHHHHH, MOM! Noah put his french fry in MY ketchup!!!!

Can you tell it was a rough dinner here tonight?!?!?!? :giggle:


MOM! Nathan's putting a penny in the light socket!
MOM! Noah just ran out the front door!
MOM! Aidan put a battery in his mouth!

Telling me something that needs my IMMEDIATE attention is one thing, telling me something so you can get your brother (I have 5 boys right now) in trouble is something entirely different, kwim?

Kelolsen-and-Padawan 06-09-2006 08:55 PM

Re: tattling - I have a question about this
Okay, that makes sense. That's kind of what I figured, but then again,I have no real practical experience b/c I have no siblings. I know I tattled on neighbor kids and stuff, but often they did really haul out and hit me LOL. I dind't get in trouble for telling my MOm that stuff. I guess I never really had opportunities for the "He's breathing on me!" type of tattling :) Good thing my H has a little sister. He's an expert LOL

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