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eliz7 12-11-2011 07:44 PM

Any 30 weekers?
My cousin has been in the hospital since 21.5 weeks. She has been on mag for 7 weeks and whenever they take her off she goes into labor. Tomorrow she is 30 weeks and they are taking her off for good. So needless to say we are expecting her DS to arrive.
So anyone btdt who can give me some idea of what a 30 weeker is like? She has had steroids two different cycles, once at 24 weeks and then at 26 but will not get any now. We are all so thankful that he has stayed in for so long. It has been a roller coaster.
Any info will be very appreciated.

3 ladybugs 12-11-2011 08:47 PM

Re: Any 30 weekers?
I don't think I will be of much help, but when I was living in the NICU (had 3 24-weekers, none made it home) they told me that at 30 weeks most if not all babies in the NICU I go to go home. At the time that was the biggest thing for us. So at 30 weeks, I got an ultrasound of my DS to make sure he was okay. He was so I felt like I could breath... he was later born, as planned, at 38 weeks and ended up in the NICU. :banghead:

NICU in general is just a big surprise. My DD was there for 5 months and I thought I had seen it all but then when living DS went in, I had a melt down even knowing that he was fine. So that is just to say that there is no "typical" NICU stay unless you plan for ups and downs and unexpected things happening. The lungs are the big thing. If the lungs are in fairly good shape then it is just learning to eat and control body temperature to go home. That can be hard at that gestation though it isn't always. If the lungs are not in great shape then it could be a while before the child is even allowed to have mama milk. My son had bad lungs so he didn't get food for 3 days. However when he did get food he acted like he hadn't ate in 3 days so it was all good.

:hugs: to your cousin! Hopefully in about 6 weeks it will all be nothing but an experience that she is thankful for but doesn't want to do again.

eliz7 12-11-2011 09:42 PM

:hugs: I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your experience. My cousin has had almost every complication. She fell and had an abruption and had to deliver at 36 weeks with her first. Then she had a 35 and 3 week footling breech and prolapsed cord on the way to the hospital, had to have emergency c section and baby almost didn't make it. She had no vitals at birth but they were able to resucitate her. She spent a few days in the nicu. This pregnancy was unplanned and she was terrified the whole beginning of her pregnancy. She had PTSD from her last delivery and thought she was done. She is finally now trying to believe she is getting a son out of all of this. She still is terrified:( I feel like he will be strong. It has been a battle to get to 30 weeks and I know he will continue to fight. The dr's are concerned because she had been on the mag for soooo long that it could effect the baby.
I'm hoping he will stay in longer so she doesn't have a nicu stay but I don't think it's very realistic.

CASMama711 12-12-2011 08:56 PM

Re: Any 30 weekers?
:hugs: My twins were born at 31 weeks and didn't get the benefit of any steroids. They're still in the NICU now, 5 weeks later. They're doing well and are almost ready to come home.

3 ladybugs 12-13-2011 07:23 AM

Re: Any 30 weekers?
I am sorry your cousin has been through so much. :hugs: I hope her son is still firmly inside her though. :) The only thing I know one of the other NICU moms was talking about with the mag was the... oh I forget what it is called wouldn't close. But that was in reference to a micro preemie, and it is able to be fixed on the outside.

Please update when you can!

Chmom - glad your twins are about ready to come home! :yay:

eliz7 12-13-2011 08:39 AM

So good news!!! He's still inside!! They took her off the mag at 6:40 yesterday morning. Her husband was waiting in the parking lot because he has coxsakie. She took a nap, had a bunch of contractions but it seems they were due to a full bladder and bowel:giggle: They stopped but then he had some decels. They finally let her husband in after they cleared it with infection control but fortunately everything calmed down and baby was fine:)
She just had a biophysical profile and baby is 8 out of 8!!! Each day that passes is such a blessing for her and her family and her little boy. I will keep you all updated. I'm hoping for 34 weeks!

3 ladybugs 12-14-2011 06:41 PM

Re: Any 30 weekers?
:yay: So glad that everything is going well for the time being! :crossfingers: that she continues to do well!

songbird516 12-26-2011 07:36 PM

Re: Any 30 weekers?
I hope that everything is still going well! I just wanted to say that my sister and I were born at 31 weeks back in 1982 and the main problem was our lung immaturity. I don't think that the steroid shots were even available at the time, so that might not be as big of an issue today. We also had jaundice, of course, and were given blood transfusions because of all of the blood tests, but otherwise had no setbacks. My mom took us home breastfeeding and continued for the next year, and we weren't developmentally delayed. I myself have gone on to have a healthy, normal pregnancy with no preterm labor.

Sylvie89 12-27-2011 02:58 PM

Re: Any 30 weekers?
I would love to hear updates to this post?

My son was born at 30+4. I had premature rupture of membranes at 30+3. As soon as they stopped the mag with me, I went into labor (with ruptured membranes, they only keep you on mag for 12 hours). He was in the NICU exactly 6 weeks. He had zero complications from being born nearly 10 weeks early (zero recorded episodes of A's & B's, which is really unusual in a preemie). He just needed time in the NICU to grow and learn to suck/swallow. He would have gone home at 5 weeks, but he failed his car seat test 4 times - argh!

I will say, however, that babies born at this age vary quite a bit in terms of complications/NICU stay, etc. My son was really a "best-case" scenario.

MelandMack 12-27-2011 04:17 PM

Re: Any 30 weekers?
My son was born at 30+4 after I just went into labor and they could not stop the contractions. He weighed 3lbs 4 oz and I did not have time to get the steroid shots. He was on CPAP for 12 hours as a precaution and then on nasal canula oxygen for about 2 weeks. He did have a PDA but it closed up with one round of meds. Once off oxygen he just need to grow and learn to eat....though at 32 weeks exactly they let me try to breastfeed and he latch right on which shocked all the nurses. From then on out all feedings were from a bottle or breast.
He went home at exactly 30 days in the hopsital at 34 +6 which was the earliest that this hospital had ever sent a baby home. He did fail the carseat test so the hopsital gave me a car bed to take him home in. Finally at 7 weeks old he passed the car seat test.
He is now a perfect active smart 4 year old.

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