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rainydaysunshine 12-14-2011 09:53 AM

Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
Hi, ladies!

Wow, we are busy w/ newbies and Christmas... didn't even get a chat going until the middle of the week!

We are doing well here. Seren is a good sleeper, but she has "woken up" some the last week or so and has a bit of a fussy period around dinnertime some days. This has happened w/ all my kids. They have the same witching hours, between 4 and 6. When she can't be comforted (the last time she didn't even want to be worn!), if daddy is working, we do take out or breakfast for dinner if :p. I am starting to worry about how things will go when I go back to work, even though it is almost 2 months away...

shortdrawbryant 12-14-2011 10:21 AM

Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
Hey everyone. I have been busy trying to keep my toddler straight. she really isn't too bad but her energy and refusal to listen is wearing down on us. Just today she got mad at me while nursing and threw my cell phone which hit the baby in the head. uuughhhh.
Last night we went to see the Lights of Delta in Blytheville, Ar. It was pretty neat seeing all the Christmas light displays. And it was nice for me to get out of the house! Tomorrow is hubby's work christmas party so hoping MIL will watch dd and then we will only have to take ds. And Friday is my 21st Birthday - not that I expect much since we are pretty broke but oh well. So looks like the rest of the week will be pretty busy event wise.

P.S. Anyone know of a good seller that sells onsies that say 'Boobie Baby'? I told hubby I thought it would be cute to get one for DS if we could find it pretty cheap...if not i was thinkin of trying to make one myself.

Leanbh 12-14-2011 01:22 PM

Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
Thia - you need to start crock potting!!! I was lucky with the last LO as he would always take that third nap of the day while I was making dinner. This little one is still all over the place with napping so you never know. It's hard as I have to do homework with DS1, then get dinner ready, then actually eat dinner, so somewhere in there he will need to be comforted or fed. Normally it's right as I'm about to sit down for dinner of course.

Last night I did breaded fish(baked is not as nice as pan fried let me tell you:banghead:), some roasted carrots as DS2 will only eat them roasted:headscratch: and some mashed potatoes. So took up a bit of my time to do breading, peeling of carrots and potatoes etc.

Nichole - Happy almost 21st!Such a fun milestone. I had mine in the Hard Rock in London(my dad lives there part time). We didn't know it was Harley Davidson night and there were a trillion bikes all revving up - of course we were sitting outside too:giggle2:

My DS1 did the exact same thing with the phone -but he dropped it, not threw it, but it whacked the little girl I used to watch on the head:blush:. I've always been really aware ever since if I see any of the kids with a heavy plastic toy or especially a wooden toy near any infant.

Also, my toddler who broke his leg is now in a boot for a few more weeks. He has no self awareness of this giant, heavy boot, or even when it was a cast and has whacked us all by mistake every now and then as he's getting on and off the couch. I have to make sure the baby is far away from him!

ChelseaGirl7 12-14-2011 02:46 PM

Other good meals besides the crock put is casseroles. I'll put the casserole together while the baby and/or toddler is sleeping in the afternoon and then put it in the refrigorator until time to cook it. Then I can throw on a canned or frozen veggie and we're good! The only problem is dh isn't a fan of casseroles, lol.

Leanbh 12-14-2011 05:51 PM

Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
Chelsea, I need to figure out some good casseroles too. Actually have a decent book from the library this time, so I'll take a look.....

Today I got our pork chops all ready and breaded(pan fried this time, so so good!) at 3pm, and then stuck them in the fridge so they were all ready to go by dinnertime. is the first day to CD! yes, I'm late to the party, but I was getting a bit too fond of the sposie convenience. I'll probably still use one at night. I have the thirsties duo, size one wraps in hoot, blackbird and the strips and then a bummis wrap which is a little big. So cute on him though.

AcrossTheUniverse 12-14-2011 06:40 PM

Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
I'm a crockpot queen. I have been making dinner in it like 3x per week. My fave's are beef stew, chicken and dumplings, and baked potato soup.

We are still using mostly sposies, too. The diapers I made for him were too tiny but the infant prefolds and small covers I bought are too big. I think by 10lbs he will fit into them, so we are almost there. Then after that he will wear our OS Alva's that the other boys wear.

shortdrawbryant 12-14-2011 07:40 PM

Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
i've been cooking regular meals i am so proud of myself. with dd i swear we ate out 4-5 times a week for the first month or so lol

as far as diapers we are still using sposies i was given at my shower although i suspect they will be gone by christmas then we will put him inn prefolds and when he is big ebough he will go to the os alvas i bought a few months ago. i also have som os fuzzibunz but dont wanna deal with adjusting the elastic so will just keep thise where they are at for dd

GC's Mama 12-14-2011 11:06 PM

Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
Been a long time sonce I've updated anything on here.......which is funny because Claire sleeps like 19 hours a day, lol. Is it normal for a 2 week old to sleep that much? My midwives say yes, but it's weird to have a baby sleep that much both in and out of arms.

That being said, I still could manage making dinner every night. Someone organized something called a meal train for me, though, so as soon as DH went back to work, someone has been dropping a meal off at my house every night at 4:30pm. Except I made Boca Burgers.:blush: I still have a few freezer meals and like 3 Gallon ziploc bags of freezer soup, though, so I get by.

CD's - Lil' Miss is in GMD yellows (seriously, those orange edge were a freakin' joke) and small covers (the small covers are a little roomy, though). She fits in the Sunbabys snapped on the smallest settings/rise, same with the OS fitteds. I kind of want to get more pockets and fitteds now, though. Claire pees a lot, and prefolds really aren't my favorite system in terms of absorbancy or, well, anything.

Duckduckfish 12-14-2011 11:22 PM

Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
Nichole-Happy 21st!!! I am sitting here trying to remember what I did on my 21st bday.. lol I guess too much alcohol that night to remember :p
And DH's family is from Blytheville. Just thought I would throw that out there. Such a small world, I guess.
Oh, and I feel your pain on the toddler! Ryan has starting biting the baby! He's been giving the baby kisses on the head and just yesterday decides he wants to bite the baby instead. He's bitten his foot too and left teeth prints. He's never before bitten anyone so where he got it from is beyond me. I'm scared to go to the bathroom without taking the baby or the toddler with me now.

Sposies-I can't for the life of me use a darn newborn disposable diaper. No matter how tight or loose the diaper is, I try to point his penis down, fold the diaper down in the front or not, he still manages to pee out of it and, get this, the diaper will be DRY!!! So irritating. His cord stump just fell off tonight (yay!) so I won't feel so bad using the cloth now. All his cloth diapers seem to rub it so now I won't have to worry about that anymore. I just have to get back in the habit of washing diapers every other day, and maybe every day since I have two in diapers. Blah.

Pooping (from last week's thread) - Tommy poops multiple times a day. It's not solid. It's actually yellow, stinky, and slimy. He's breastfed. Is that normal???

Babywearing (from last week's thread) - I've been using the Beco Butterfly II. It's really helped a lot being able to wear the newbie and push the 2 yr old in the stroller. I don't trust the toddler yet to walk beside me and am not wanting to use a double stroller (too pricey!!!) so it's been awesome. I have an Ergo, but not the infant insert, so haven't tried it out yet with him.

Pumping/BF - Breastfeeding is going better this week. Letdown is a painful, but I've read that over time it won't hurt as much (and if this isn't true, please don't burst my bubble! LOL). I bought me a single electric pump and it's so efficient that I can have 4-5 oz pumped in 10 minutes or so.
We were traveling earlier this week so I didn't pump or bf for like 5 hours. I just fed him some I already had pumped. OMG. I think I had a clogged duct or something because my boob was hard as a rock..tried to feed him and pumped and it was still hard and hurting! I have the book "so that's what they're for!" and it said to just keep on bf/pumping, apply heat and massage, so that's what I did, but it took about the whole next day for it to feel better. If that's just what a clog feels like, I really feel for you ladies who have mastitis!!!!

rainydaysunshine 12-15-2011 10:48 AM

Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18
You guys are right, I need to use my crock pot more.

Diapers- I have little girl in her small BG bamboo fitteds I used w/ Ds2 now. I tried the PFs again this time, but I just suck at them and was having to change her cover every time she pooped. Fortunately she is big enough for the fitteds now and they work just as nicely on her as the did on her brother (side note... I HATE that they discontinued these before I was able to but larges, but I do have mediums).

Unfortunately, I haven't switched Ds2 back over to cloth full time again yet. I bought the flip trainers for him and planned on using them even though we are not PLing yet. They are plenty absorbent for pee, but they don't hold softer poos very well. I am thinking I may but a few Flip dipe covers to use w/ the inserts I have and put off the trainer covers til actual PLing. 4 covers should do the trick and isn't very expensive, I just haven't made myself do it yet. I got some christmas money yesterday, maybe I should use some of it on these so I can stop wasting money on sposies.

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