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MamaJoyful 12-16-2011 02:41 PM

Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
Hi mamas! :goodvibes:

I thought it would be fun to see how different brands of prefolds compare to one another. I got a sample of NB, SM, MD, LG of: Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy Better Fit, and Zabi. When possible I got organic and unbleached. Most of the time I only have one sample of each prefold. So this is by no means a very scientific little comparison, but it shows a general idea of how they compare.

First I'll share some prefold measurements before and after washing, as well as their weight in ounces. It is helpful to consider the weight of the prefold when considering absorbency, but remember that the width of the thicker middle panel also helps determine the overall absorbency. After looking at how they compare in inches and ounces, we'll look at some pictures!

Please add your action shots and your experiences with your favorite prefolds! Which are softest? Which are most absorbent? It would be helpful to share: baby's age, weight and measurements. You can also mention if yours are current prefolds, or older ones. Prefolds are always changing. Okay, here goes!

Cloth-eez GMD Unbleached:
NB: 13/12.25 before washing, 10.5/10.5 after washing, 2.2oz
SM: 15/14 before washing, 12.75/12.5 after washing, 2.9oz
MD: 18.25/15 before washing, 15.25/13.5 after washing, 3.8oz
LG: 20/16.25 before washing, 17.5/15 after washing, 5.3oz

Cloth-eez GMD Organic:
NB: 13.65/12.5+ before washing, 11.5/11.5 after washing, 2.5oz
SM: 16.4/14.75+ before washing, 13.75/13.75 after washing, 3.6oz
MD: 18/14.75 before washing, 15.25/13.5 after washing, 3.8oz
LG: 20.25/16.25 before washing, 17.5/15 after washing, 5.3oz

Diaper Rite Unbleached:
NB: 14/12.5 before washing, 11.5/11.25 after washing, 2.5oz
SM: 14.5+/14.25 before washing, 12.5/12.5 after washing, 2.9oz
MD: 18/15.5 before washing, 15.5/14 after washing, 3.8oz
LG: 19.5/16.75+ before washing, 16.75/14.5+ after washing, 4.5oz

Imagine Unbleached:
NB: 13/11.5 before washing, 10.75/10.5 after washing, 1.6oz
SM: 15/13.5 before washing, 12.75/12.5 after washing, 3.1oz
MD: 17.25/15 before washing, 14.75/13.75 after washing, 4oz
LG: 19.25+/16 before washing, 16.75/14.5+ after washing, 4.5oz

Imagine Organic:
NB: 13/11.5 before washing, 11.25/10.25 after washing, 1.7oz
SM: Was out of stock. Please help me with this one.
MD: 17.5/15 before washing, 14.5/13.75 after washing, 4.1oz
LG: Was out of stock. Please help me with this one.

OsoCozy Better Fit Unbleached:
Infant or NB IMO: 13.75/12.25 before washing, 11.5/10.75+ after w, 2.3oz
Premium or SM: 16/15.25 before washing, 13.5/13.25 after washing, 3.4oz
Toddler or MD: 18/15.25 before washing, 15.5/14 after washing, 3.9oz

Zabi Unbleached:
NB: 14.25/12.5 before washing, 12/11 after washing 2.5oz
SM: 16.25/14.5 before washing, 13.25/13 after washing, 3.4oz
MD: 18.75/15.25 before washing, 16/14 after washing, 4.2oz
LG: 20.5/16.25 before washing, 17.5/14.75 after washing, 5.2oz

Everything before washing:

Everything after washing: I love this picture, lol! It was fun to take it and see them all lined up together!

NB before washing:

NB after washing: GMD UB 10.5/10.5, 2.2oz, Imagine UB 10.75/10.5, 1.6oz, Imagine Org 11.25/10.25 1.7oz, GMD Org 11.5/11.25 2.5oz, Diaper Rite 11.5/11.25 2.5oz, OsoCozy Infant 11.5/10.75 2.3oz, Zabi 12/11, 2.5oz:

GMD UB: 10.5/10.5 2.2oz
Imagine UB: 10.75/10.5 1.6oz
Imagine Org: 11.25/10.25 1.7oz
GMD Org: 11.5/11.25 2.5oz
Diaper Rite: 11.5/11.25 2.5oz
OsoCozy Infant: 11.5/10.75 2.3oz
Zabi: 12/11 2.5oz

SM before washing:

SM after washing: Diaper Rite, GMD UB, Imagine UB, Zabi, OsoCozy Premium, GMD Organic:

SM staggered:

Diaper Rite: 12.5/12.5 2.9oz
GMD UB: 12.75/12.5 2.9oz
Imagine UB: 12.75/12.5 3.1oz
Zabi: 13.25/13 3.4oz
OsoCozy Premium: 13.5/13.25 3.4oz
GMD Organic: 13.75/13.75 3.6oz

MD before washing:

MD after washing: Imagine Organic, Imagine UB,GMD Organic, GMD UB, OsoCozy Toddler, Diaper Rite, Zabi

MD and Wide Baby before washing:

MD and Wide Baby after washing:

MD staggered:

Imagine Organic: 14.5/13.75 4.1oz
Imagine UB: 14.75/13.75 4oz
GMD Organic: 15.25/13.5 3.8oz
GMD UB: 15.25/13.5 3.8oz
OsoCozy Toddler: 15.5/14 3.9oz
Diaper Rite: 15.5/14 3.8oz
Zabi: 16/14 4.2oz

LG before washing:

MD to LG after washing:

LG after washing:

LG and Wide Baby:

LG staggered:

Imagine UB: 16.75/14.5 4.5oz
Diaper Rite: 16.75/15.25 4.70z
GMD Organic: 17.5/15 5.30z
Zabi: 17.5/14.75 5.2oz
GMD UB: 17.5/15 5.2oz

MamaJoyful 12-16-2011 02:42 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
Here are some action shots on my 23 month old toddler who weighs 26lbs. His measurements are:

Rise: 14.5" to 15" without diaper
Waist: 16.5"
Leg: 10.5"

Most of the mediums really are too small for him, but I showed them anyhow so you can see how they fit. They are shown from smaller to larger length, the width varies, see measurements.

GMD Wide Baby: The white cotton has a different feel than the unbleached or organic cotton. This diaper does seem like it is designed for a wide baby, just like the GMD website says. It is good to have something for babies who get really chubby really quickly.

Imagine MD Unbleached: The thread color is more of a goldish yellow and a little lighter than the Organic. I wonder what their newest batch for 2012 will be like?

Imagine MD Organic:

GMD MD Organic:

GMD MD Unbleached:

OsoCozy Better Fit Toddler: These are a little small in the rise if I remember right. I need to try them again, but I don't think they had as much give as some of the others, so they seemed a bit too small. I will come back and comment again. But after this one, the mediums start to fit my toddler.

ETA: Yes, the above comments are true. They are a bit short on my son. These would be great for a baby or toddler who has a shorter rise but needs the width. If you are considering the Cloth-eez GMD wide baby, I'd consider these as well.

Diaper Rite MD Unbleached: I think I will love these! They are so squishy and pliable. They are a very nice fit on my toddler.

ETA: Yes, after using them some more, these are the best fit on my toddler.

Zabi MD Unbleached: I like the fit on these, but they are a little narrow. Even though my son is slender, he does not have small hips, so these are a bit narrower around than I would like. But, hey, the rainbow edges are so pretty...such a nicely chosen rainbow thread! These would be a great choice for a tall and slender toddler.

MamaJoyful 12-16-2011 02:42 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
All pics are shown with the rise unfolded so you can see how they compare without any folding.

Large prefolds on 26lb 23 month old toddler:

Imagine LG Unbleached: These work, but they are high in the rise on my toddler. This makes it a bit harder to tuck the prefold into the cover.

Diaper Rite LG Unbleached: For some reason these seem to fit a little bit better than the Imagine LG. DR is surprising me! They are more pliable and floppy than the last time I tried them. I think I might really like these!

All of the rest of these are too long in the rise and would need to be folded down for a better fit.

GMD LG Organic:

Zabi LG Unbleached:

GMD Unbleached: Notice the new thread color. Also, this prefold now has a size tag sewn on it. They are going to be doing that with all of their sizes apparently.

MamaJoyful 12-16-2011 02:56 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
More pics coming! :) Please lmk which other pics would be helpful.

Standard Premium and Toddler Indian prefolds compared to Imagine LG: All are current. Premium and LG from Nickis Diapers, Toddler is from Abbyslane. Can you see how much prefolds have changed?! I love how they make them shorter and wider now. It makes for such a nice fit!

Preemie Indian prefold compared to the NB sizes. Indian preemie is approx 2 years old, others are current. I do not think the sizing has changes on the preemies. LMK if it has. But can you see how much narrower the preemies are compared to the smallest of the NB prefolds? They are really much smaller and they also weigh less.

stephcrouse 12-16-2011 03:24 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
I had the orange organics for my baby when he was fresh out of the oven, and they were so buttery soft.
Imagine smartfit organic orange edge xs on my 10 lb newborn

Imagine organic smart fit green edge size small (I think these were organic). Same baby, was about 12-15 lbs by then.

Same baby, around same size, in zabi lavender

Cut and pasted from my other thread, here are the unbleached imagine smart fit medium prefolds on my 9 month old DS, he is about 22 lbs and 90th% for height and weight.
trifolded in covers (m bummis sww, flip on mid-rise setting, thirsties sized m)
snappid on
pinned on
Great thread and pics!
I am going to have to size up to large prefolds sooner than I would like, so this is helpful stuff! :)

faiths13 12-16-2011 04:44 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
Awesome!! Here is my ds Jace. He is 25 months, and about 26 lbs. He has a short rise, so they fit him much different than your ds. All the larges are huge on my ds.

This is at about 2 weeks old with a bleached Diaper Rite newborn size and a bamboo doubler

Here is a GMD red edge unbleached. I have to fold the rise down some to get the best fit.

Here is the GMD Wide Baby. I like the rise is nice - slightly high for my taste, but they are too wide.

thinkingahead 12-16-2011 10:50 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
Here are some med diaper comparisons- I don't have rise measurements, DS was pretty much 50th percentile height/weight all along. I bought these mid-2009, but don't think the GMD organic sizes have varied too much. All of my prefolds (GMD/DR) feel pretty soft, though I would say the organics are a little smoother due to tighter weave.

Organic red at 10m, 19lb (when we got them)

Organic red 23lb 14m- after this we trifolded in econobums for about 6 months

Diaper rite bleached med, same as above (23lb 14m)- I liked these, but think the organic reds were more absorbant

Organic brown, 24lb 15.5 m- not bad, but needed large bsww or dappi nylon cover so we didn't use them until DS was about 2 (had old ub light browns that were perfectly in between).

ThreeLittleCubs 12-17-2011 04:26 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
Here are our action shots :) Baby girl is 6 weeks old, about 13.5 lbs and 22 inches long.

First is a diaper rite small

Imagine small-- kicking myself for not getting the mediums!

diaper rite medium.. folded down in back

GMD red edged

rumblepurr 12-20-2011 04:00 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
Wow! Awesome pictures :)

mariamommy 12-20-2011 04:16 PM

Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi
awesome, awesome!! All that measuring, all that picture taking, all the uploading, all the posting, and the ACTION SHOTS, WOW! I appreciate all of it SO much. Thank you!

This thread most definitely needs to be sticky!!

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