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weareborgswife 12-29-2011 09:37 PM

Help me decide between 2 sewing machines!
So I got money to get a new sewing machine for Christmas and I was planning on getting the Brother XR 7700 from Costco BUT it sold out...

I can get it here:

With a warranty (2 year) it would be about $168, it does what I need it to do as far as I can tell.

Today on Craigslist the Brother Innov-is NX 400 Quilting series machine showed up for $225- talked to them and it was used 1 time to hem a pair of pants. Reviews are few since it is a couple of years old... It has 294 stitch functions vs the 110 of the other one. New it was about $550. Has more button hole features and over all is a "nicer" machine...

BUT I wouldn't have the warranty...

What would you do? I have until Saturday to decide (that's when I plan to meet them)

My other 30 year plus old machines both died right before Christmas and I have projects backing up!

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