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Suburbangranola 12-29-2011 11:10 PM

Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice
My oldest daughter 13 has had chronic hives since she was 5. It started out 3-4 times a week until we took her to an allergist and they put her on zyrtec, zantac, and a nasal spray. Then it was cyclical somehow. She would go months without a reaction and then she would have weeks of day after day reactions. ANd oddly enough they are almost always at night.She takes benedryl when the hives start and they have always started to clear things up for her within a few minutes.
In the last few months things have gotten really bad. Her food allergies changed from the testing she had done at 5 and she now tests allergic to corn, fish, peanuts, and a slight reaction to dairy. The problem is that now she has to take more than one benedryl because one isn't working. Because of the angioedema (swelling of the airway) also getting worse, we have had to take her to urgent care for a shot/breathing treatment and observation. And she has started to need nebulizer treatments when she has reactions, and she never needed that before. We try to avoid all the things she is allergic to and are cautious about cross contamination. We don't eat out, or eat packaged/processed foods.
She still takes the daily preventative medications but it seems like the medicines are starting to fail.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I am at a loss. The allergist said things should be getting better and that she would outgrow it by age 7-8...that is obviously not going to happen. I am terrified I will one day have to use an epi pen to save her life.

Silver)O(Moon 12-30-2011 12:07 AM

Re: Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice
:hugs: Do you have an epi pen? If not, get it before you need it. We carried ours religiously for two years before we needed it. Don't be afraid of it. Its really not that bad. I have two with life threatening allergies, and I used to be afraid of it, but not anymore. It works fast and has very little side effects. All is well and we are back to normal within 10 minutes. :loveit:

Allergies are primarily an issue with the immune system. Since traditional allergen testing has not revealed all her triggers, consider IgG testing. The skin prick tests only show IgE mediated allergies. IgG mediated allergies will not show up. Allergens have a cumulative effect so the more you can keep her allergy "bucket" empty, the less likely it will spill over into symptoms. Strickly avoid all her known allergens, even the mild ones. Keep a food diary to help you track down possible triggers. Consider environmental triggers too - pets, cleaning products, air fresheners, etc. I would change all her body care and laundry products to natural and unscented. Avoid even essential oils for now. Add an air cleaner to her room and a filter to her drinking water. Add a dairy free probiotic which will help support her immune system and digestion. Try to get as many nutritious foods IN as you are taking foods OUT. Her body needs nutrients to help her immune system to function normally. Smoothies are great for this. We make one with rice milk, oj, frozen fruit and a bit of leafy greens tossed in. Its so good!

Suburbangranola 12-30-2011 10:16 AM

Re: Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice
We do have an epi pen. Thank God she we were right by the urgent care the one time I really felt she needed it so I didn't have to do it. They in fact gave her a steriod shot and breathing treatment instead (on top of the 2 benedryl we started with) so it wasn't needed at all. She had another bad reaction last night and I am pretty sure it was from undisclosed ingredients in a seasoning I used on dinner or cross contamination in the seasoning.
We do know she has a hyper active immune system. We have even done acupuncture to try to help with that. You can literally lightly scratch her skin and it will pop up in a hive. You could write happy birthday on her back and it would look 3D.
Is there special testing for the IgG? Our problem is/has been that she doesn't react typically...she is allergic to peanut butter but could eat a PB sandwich and be fine (not that we would...) but before we knew it was one of her favorites. I would have never suspected. Corn is the one thing we know she cant even be in the room with. And it is in everything, plastics, packaged foods, seasonings, cleaners... I read labels BUT there are so many corn derivatives that I know she does have some exposure that is unavoidable.
I also have noticed any time she comes down with a cold or other virus she ends up back in the hive cycle..
We have air cleaners but I never thought to put one in her room. DUH..thanks :)
All our water (even for bathing) is filtered. I am a little neurotic about water. We do a dairy free probiotic daily. But she is on a huge keifer kick right now. Would the dairy be bad? We also do smoothies every morning but I often use yogurt, again should I avoid dairy with her?
I use all unscented products except for her lotion. It seems like the Melaleuca is the only thing that really helps her eczema...and of course it has essential oil. Cleaning products are a crap shoot with the corn...especially natural ones. So I end up using Melaleuca or vinegar..
Luckily she is my healthiest eating kid. She can't even eat any candy because of the HFCS in everything. Luckily we found one type of gummy fruits she can have..but that is seldom something we eat/buy $6 for about 2 oz of candy!!
thanks for all the advice!! Anything else you think of is GREATLY appreciated!!!

Silver)O(Moon 12-30-2011 01:58 PM

Re: Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice
Sounds like you are doing a lot of good things already! :) Yes, I would definitely cut out dairy 100%. There is a dairy free coconut milk keifer you can find at whole foods. Of all dairy foods, yogurt is the least problematic IME because the cultures break down a lot of the troublemakers, but you need to get her to baseline (ie no symptoms) before you can test if she tolerates it or not.

IgG testing is a blood test. There are many labs that do it around the country. I believe you just need a doctor to order the blood draw. Be prepared that many doctors dismiss IgG allergy testing. You may need to see a naturopathic physician to order it. It sounds like she has a lot of hidden allergies and that she has delayed reactions as well. So I think it would be worth it to find out through blood work. Here are some links to get you started! :goodvibes:

Silver)O(Moon 12-30-2011 06:03 PM

Re: Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice
Oh, and I was thinking, about the Benadryl, she might just be outgrowing her dose because she is older. I prefer liquid because you can adjust the dose easily and it works more quickly. So you could just increase her dose by 1 tsp rather than the 2 tsp equivalent that an extra pill would be, if that makes sense. Target has a dye-free diphenhydramine (that is the active ingredient of Benadryl) which I really like. Actual brand-name Benadryl liquid is very hard to find anymore because of recalls earlier this year.

Cindydg 02-04-2012 06:00 PM

Re: Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice
Hello Ladies! I have a newly DX son with peanut/treenut/dairy, soy and gluten intolerance, along with asthma. Sigh...So I am learning the ropes with hives, epi-pens, etc Comforting to know we can find support here. :)

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