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Silver)O(Moon 12-31-2011 03:33 PM

A thankfulness thread
Often times I feel so angry and frustrated by my kids' special needs. Its been 2 years since their diagnosis on the autistic spectrum. My life with them is very hard, and I am justified in feeling those feelings...but today I want to focus on the positives, to try to shift my perspective and focus more on the good things they can do and the many blessings in our lives. Please feel free to add yours.

Today I am thankful:

For my 10 yr old Aspie wanting to snuggle with me on the couch yesterday.

For him being able and willing to get the baby out of the cradle and talk soothingly to him as I make a bottle.

For my 15 yr old Aspie to be genuinely concerned over his little 3 yr old brother who has croup and get him cold drinks and put movies in for him to watch

For the boys to be able to talk and laugh and joke with each other as they try to conquer Zelda Twilight Princesses.

For my 13 year old Aspie who just told me he loved me, spontaneously, for no apparent reason.

For the fact that my Aspie boys really deeply love their little brothers and show that in actions and words.

For a wonderful husband who treats his Aspie stepsons with great love and respect even though I cannot imagine how hard it is for him to have taken on this HUGE responsibility.

For my ability to know them intimately, and love them despite all the challenges we face.

For the fact that they are doing well in school and have a bright future ahead of them.

For TVs and DVDs and Wiis and DSs and iPods and Laptops - wonderful devices that give us all a break when we need it and helps us not want to strangle each other LOL.

For the fact that no other people on earth make me laugh as fully and deeply as my hilarious, witty, and brilliant boys!

Happy New Year!

StarrieNight14 12-31-2011 04:47 PM

Re: A thankfulness thread
I loved reading this! I am glad that you can appreciate all of the small blessings and everyday victories with your boys. They are lucky to have such a loving Momma!

ajjulian 01-25-2012 02:48 PM

Re: A thankfulness thread
I do not post here usually but I need to be thankful today :).

For my 6yr old Aspie who drew an amazing pic for a friend who lost her baby. He drew the baby in Gods arms.
For a chance to sit and snuggle him at the end of the day because he is procrastinating going to bed
For his great toothless grin that I get to see on rare occasions
For my dh who is finally onboard and trying so hard to adjust all his parenting to meet our boy where he is at
For a 3yo ds and 2 yo dd and baby boy who are super laid back and loving and love their big brother so much no matter what.

Shaunam 01-25-2012 06:21 PM

I'm thankful that my DD's medical care is pretty much all paid for. I'm thankful for our wonderful nurses. I'm thankful for the SSI that allows me to stay home (for now anyway). I'm thankful that DD, despite having CP about as severe as it gets, has attempted language...she says uh-huh and uh-uh. I'm just hoping she learns to use them consistently. I'm thankful that DS accepts his sister for who she is and has more or less adjusted to the craziness that is our lives now. I'm thankful that DD is teaching DS to be more patient and compassionate. It's a lesson most siblings don't get. I'm thankful for drugs that knock screaming little children out. I'm thankful that DD has some vision and hearing. Without it she wouldn't be nearly as sociable, which IMO, is her best trait...she LOVES people!

There's a lot more I'm sure, but that's it for now!

3rockstars 01-25-2012 06:24 PM

Re: A thankfulness thread
I'm thankful that my asthmatics are healthy right now. I'm thankful that medicaid covers the thousands of dollars worth of meds they need every month. They really are just "normal" kids right now.

ssand23 01-25-2012 11:05 PM

I'm special needs, too & receive SSI for myself (since I turned 18 ). I am thankful that has allowed me to be home with my kids.

My little guy is 2 yrs & doesn't eat food but I am thankful that we have found that he can have Neocate Junior & that he's been growing very well on it. His doctor's worried that his lack of chewing would affect his speech but thankfully, he can say everything (even a nice 4 letter word beginning with S he heard me say LOL).

My youngest dd has a wonderful therapist who we both really love. Her school set up a program where they are paying for the extras she needs twice a week outside of school. We were able to get her 504 set up with out a problem (well no problem this year LOL) and her teachers are currently following it.

stephanie, mom to 3 big girls (1/94, 8/99 & 9/02) & 1 little guy (12/30/09)

mekat 01-26-2012 01:34 AM

Re: A thankfulness thread
I'm thankful my immune deficient son has a small cold with no complications and no need for hospitalizations. It looks like the worst for this bout will be a few days of missed school and extra bed rest.

I'm thankful and totally excited I was able to get him an Ipad. We have a touch screen LCD monitor but it is so heavy so can't be adjusted to an optimum angle and most pc software is not touch screen friendly and those that are usually cost between $65-$150. Now, I know most everything I buy will be more affordable and will be touchscreen friendly. The Ipad can be mounted at any angle on anything especially since I was able to get extra funds for a nice Ipad mount.

I am thankful my son is so affectionate he even gives hugs.

ssand23 01-28-2012 05:06 PM

I am thankful that things with my older 2 girls have been stable. My 12 year old got a good report from the cardio dr & my oldest just turned 18 so now she has a lot more medications & treatment options available to her.

And that we found a treat for my little guy that he can tolerate. I love those people at Dum Dum lollipops! I also just found latex free band aids (Curad makes some cute ones, too).

stephanie, mom to 3 big girls (1/94, 8/99 & 9/02) & 1 little guy (12/30/09)

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