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Almacham 01-10-2012 08:50 AM

My little preemie is 2 years old today!
2 years ago, I was in the middle of a short but fierce 2 hour, 54 minute labor at 33 weeks, 1 day pregnant. I was petrified but there was no going back - baby was on her way out. I don't think I've cried so much or so hard in my entire life.

From the time I was a couple of months pregnant with her, I knew her name was Charlotte. I could just close my eyes and picture my little Charlotte at my side. She spent her first month in the hospital - three weeks in the NICU, one week in the "step down unit" on the 3rd floor. I lived at her bed side for those four weeks. I willed her to take those first breaths on her own and finally, finally, finally learn to drink from a bottle, so they could pull that ugly feeding tube from her little nose. And incredibly, I was also able to establish a short but beautiful nursing relationship with her! :yay: She never nursed as well as she drank from a bottle, so I pumped night and day for her, and watched her grow. She weighed 25 pounds at 1 year old, and is now an adorably chubby 29 pounds. She has the cutest bubble butt. :giggle:

I just can't believe how far she's come! Looking at the first picture Daddy took of her, helpless and hooked up to tubes in an incubator while her mama cried for her upstairs, she told me yesterday, "I big girl now, Mommy! Look at Charwhit go!" :happycry:

Yes, you are a big girl now, my little love. You've come such a long way! Go, Charlotte, go. :happybirthday:

Farafonov 01-10-2012 09:49 AM

Re: My little preemie is 2 years old today!
She is so precious. Happy Birthday Charlotte!

kushie tushie 01-10-2012 09:50 AM

That fact that your little charwit announced she was a big girl brought tears to my eyes. My DS will be 2 at the end on Feb and I can't believe it. He also spent 3 weeks in the NICU.

Happy birthday Charlotte! :)

Blaming typos on my "smart"phone's auto-correct :)

hilaryisinked 01-10-2012 09:52 AM

Re: My little preemie is 2 years old today!
Happy birthday Charlotte! She's just so cute :wub:

wordmama 01-10-2012 11:26 AM

She's adorable! Happy birthday big girl!

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lilylouhoo 01-10-2012 12:16 PM

Re: My little preemie is 2 years old today!
Aw! How old was she in that first picture? She was the cutest, plumpest little preemie I have ever seen! Sometimes it's hard to believe something so perfect looking could have so much trouble. Congratulations Charlotte! It's always great to hear a preemie success story. Happy Birthday!

ClothDiaperingMama 01-10-2012 12:22 PM

Re: My little preemie is 2 years old today!

:elmo: :elmo::elmo: :elmo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLOTTE!!!! :elmo: :elmo: :elmo: :elmo:


savvytrav 01-10-2012 12:25 PM

Re: My little preemie is 2 years old today!
what a sweet little face! happy birthday to her!

Almacham 01-10-2012 02:14 PM

Re: My little preemie is 2 years old today!
:bighug: Thanks, ladies! I told her that the ladies from Diaperswappers said "Happy Birthday Charlotte" and she said, "Tanks! Charwhit wubs diapers! Fwuffy mail today?" :giggle: We're kind of addicted to prints here so she thinks of diapers as a fashion statement and has great fun with it.

ClothDiaperingMama, she particularly liked the little Elmo!

Lilylouwho, she was just a couple of days old in that picture. I thought it was the picture we took the day she turned one week old but I double checked the dates and it's not. She didn't change that much, as far as looks go. She looked almost exactly the same the day she came home when she was 4 weeks old, just more pink, lighter hair and a thinner face. She had trouble learning to eat at first and lost a bit of weight fairly quickly, but thankfully she caught on pretty soon after that and plumped back up. :)

Wanderlust 01-10-2012 02:28 PM

Re: My little preemie is 2 years old today!
Yay for Charlotte! She's a little cutie pie :)

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