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cacasey1981 01-11-2012 06:49 PM

Lost a dental crown - 20 weeks preggo
Anyone know what to expect at the dentist tomorrow? It just happened and I haven't tried eating or anything yet. The tooth looks horrifying and I'm afraid to even try and brush it to see if that helps.

I'm doing a walk in sick-call at 9am and that is basically just to make sure I'm not in pain. Its been a while but I remember being pretty numbed up when they put it on - can they even do that if I'm pregnant?

This was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back today.

shortcake2386 01-11-2012 06:51 PM

Re: Lost a dental crown - 20 weeks preggo
yes. they can numb you just no laughing gas:thumbsup: but idk if you need to be numb if they are just putting a new crown on?

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 01-11-2012 06:53 PM

Re: Lost a dental crown - 20 weeks preggo
:hugs: This is a fear of mine too, I have a crown and I fear something happening to it while I am pg.
Do they replace it tomorrow or fit you for a new one and then have you come back again? I think they should be able to numb you, update when you finish your appt. Good luck mama

isaacsmum 01-11-2012 07:07 PM

Check with your OB or midwife first. They can numb you but there are only certain meds they should use. My midwife provided a letter spelling it out when I needed dental work. Some dentists are hesitant to give anything to a pregnant woman without contact with your prenatal care provider first. I'd check in with both by phone to ask before your appt if possible.

mamastesh 01-11-2012 07:08 PM

Did you actually lose it or do you have it? If you have it the dentist can just glue it back on for now. Does that tooth have a root canal? If so then you don't have to worry about the root getting exposed and getting a toothache. If not then the dentist can get the crown back on or something temporary until a new crown can be made. FWIW I had to get a root canal a few weeks ago and my dentist was not happy about it. He is very conservative but I got a note from the ob that said novacaine (sp?), pain meds, and even x-rays were ok. Of course x-rays have to be take while fully covered but my dds does that anyway. He ended up taking the root out and putting a temp filling in for now bc we both agreed why do an xray if it can wait until after baby is born.

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cacasey1981 01-11-2012 09:51 PM

To answer a few of the questions - I still have the crown so maybe they will just be able to replace it.

The tooth is sensitive to cold (even when I had the crown on it was) and the area around it looks less than happy so I may do a salt water swish tonight.

I contacted my mw and she gave me the low down on safe meds and even said that she rec's a certain provider on base that deals with pregnant patients a lot.

Hopefully it'll be able to be fixed tomorrow, I'm supposed to brief our Group commander on the UCI tomorrow afternoon.

shortcake2386 01-11-2012 09:55 PM

Re: Lost a dental crown - 20 weeks preggo
fwiw im in the middle of dental work now(16.5 weeks pregnant) i have to get a crown next week and other than not getting my normal happy gas, everything is fine. :thumbsup: my dentist does the crown in 2 days, build up first day and crown second(i broke a molar when i was in labor with ds) they custom make the crowns. if you still have it and it just popped off i imagine it would be easy to glue(??) back on. ive never had a crown before so im not 100% sure how they work lol

McMandy 01-12-2012 11:22 AM

I hate to be one to bring gloom and doom but I had to have a root canal redone during my last pregnancy early on- I was probably in my first tri, when they don't normally do dental work unless it's an emergency (and mine was).

Anyway, I had dozens of X-rays and even though they covered my belly, I believe it was incredibly dangerous. Halfway through the pregnancy we found out our daughter's heart was not completely formed and they thought she might have trisomy 18.

I have always wondered if that was due to the X-rays but, of course I cannot be sure. I have avoided doing dental work (I need a crown replaced) this pregnancy.

The good news is the Lord completely healed our daughter and her heart grew the fourth chamber it was missing, but it definitely scared me.

Have them cover your front and back with the X-ray aprons!!!

sunyflwr 01-12-2012 08:50 PM

Depending on the X-ray machine (like digital dental machines) some don't radiate anymore radiation than an airplane ride! Maybe see if a dentist in your area has a newer, lower radiation machine if you are worried?

Ignoring dental problems can lead to infection which is extremely dangerous for you and baby.

jaelynsmommy61607 01-12-2012 08:59 PM

I had xrays done and don't worry about it. They use a digital machine. They showed up on the computer instantly. I'm getting a root canal done Tuesday and a crown shortly after. I got the ok from my midwfie. She said its generally better to treat then to let it get worse.

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