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mrscompgeek 01-13-2012 07:09 AM

Winter wonders chat 1-13
morning ladies :giggle:

QOTD- Is this your last baby??

mrscompgeek 01-13-2012 07:15 AM

Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13
AOTD- Not sure. When we first got married we both wanted 5 kids. But I have quick fast intense labors and have tore with both girls so i'm not sure now if i can put my body through that another 3 times. I'll see what my dr says about how i'm healing this time at my 6 week checkup. We would be happy with 1 more but we shall see. I also have some fertility issues so who knows, i may not be able to get pregnant again. If thats the case i'm content with 2. I didnt want DD1 to be an only child.

Its snowing here, has been all night. DH said its pretty slick. I'm kind of glad for a snow day finally, such a good day to stay in pj's with my girls.:thumbsup:

edit- post partum mamas- am i the only one aching to dtd already?? I'm not even 2 weeks pp but its driving me nuts that i cant.. physically i'm not near ready yet, but emotionally i'm ready. i miss dh in that way.

Mama_Destiny 01-13-2012 07:38 AM

Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13
AOTD- I am definitely feeling done, and completely happy with the thought of four kiddos - but that could change after I have Dylan, lol. DH is currently refusing to get the big V, and I'm not going to get my tubes tied in fear of the nasty possibly, life long side affects. Not sure on B/C, either, lol! So he better get it done, or either we won't DTD, or we will have another baby! :blush:
I'm feeling like you, this is baby #4, pregnancy # 5, and after being cut the first time, and tearing 2 of the other times from front to back, I'm not feeling like I should keep doing that too many more times. I'm fearing it this time around.

Ugh, I have been up since about 2am, with horrible heartburn, and feeling like I can't breath. No fun. :( We were all out of Tums, of COURSE! :giggle: My dad wanted to get together with me to go get DS a haircut, and get some new jeans for DD2, and new shoes for DD1, but I highly doubt I will be up for that today. I feel pretty exhausted.

grateful mama13 01-13-2012 07:51 AM

Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13
This is my first and hopefully not my last! I'm thinking 3 or 4 is a good #.. but who knows..

stacieandtheboys 01-13-2012 07:58 AM

Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13
Hmm I don't know if I am done but if we do have another I want it to be in the next 2 years. DH says he is happy with our family now and it feels complete to him but he is the one that always gets bit by the baby bug first!

I have thought about dtd too and it has only been a week. I will be more than ready I'm sure in a few weeks. I didn't tear or anything so physically I will be ok by then.

Well ths mornings nursing we MUCH better. I think I am still going to get a nipple shield to get them healed up. I just wasn't holding him right again I guess. I still will probably either get my doula to stop by or see the LC here in town. There is only one so I hope she is good!

Luke slept from 1030 until 230 and then 330 until 730. I feel so good! His cord came off too which makes me so sad because it means he is getting bigger already! Going to give him his first bath tonight :) I am going to try him in his BG. He is peeing out of the kissaluvs already!

erin_c_odonnell 01-13-2012 08:11 AM

Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13
Howdy! Nothing new here.

Aotd- hoping not our last. Makes me too sad to think. We want at least 6 but prefer 8-10. We'll see what God allows ;)

Off to sams club- gotta walk walk walk ;)

cheetah mommy 01-13-2012 08:18 AM

Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13
We are not done. We both want a big family.

Someone asked yesterday if anything could happen if the cervix is high. Yes it can. At my previous appts I was super high, dilated to 3 and 60% effaced. OB said cvx can drop once in active labor and not to worry if you are high still this late in the game.

I feel bad for saying this, but I HOPE I get to call DH home from work today so I can go have a baby. I got decent sleep last night (although I did wake up a million times because I was uncomfortable & needed to pee). I actually feel rested a bit. Aaaah! The tightness & pain in my abdomen is gone. So thankful for that! I should get to cleaning today. I didn't get ANYTHING done yesterday.

upstategirl 01-13-2012 09:12 AM

Re: Winter wonders chat 1-13
I don't know if I'm done or not. Though dh is so, I don't think any more kids for us. I would love to try again for a girl but, I would probably get pregnant again with another boy. I think three boys is going to be enough for me to handle. LOL I was supposed to have my 39 week apt today but, had to cancel on account of the roads. Rain turned over to snow and getting a lot of snow. I have a 40 week apt for next Friday but, I wonder if I should try to get in earlier, if I don't go till then. Wanted to go pick up some more baby stuff at a consignment shop but, won't be doing that either today. I suppose I will clean house, make beef stew for tonight. Maybe make some cookies or brownies. :)

DoulainAK 01-13-2012 09:12 AM

I'm really worried about DH going to work today. We have a lot of snow and it just keeps coming. It could take 30-45 min for him to get home if he left the min I called. I had show all three times I went pee last night. And I'm crampy and my breasts ache this am. I feel like this could be my day but I've said that before. I also feel nauseas and like I'm gonna cry. So I'm completely hormonal. just talked to DH. I don't think he wants to try to stay home. :-( he's ok with how long it'll take him to get home. I just feel like this is gonna go really fast once it starts. I guess we'll see

Aotd: yes most definitely my last baby :-)

eracheld 01-13-2012 09:14 AM

We haven't really talked about more kids. Honestly, this pregnancy has been really rough on our relationship. Idk if I want to go through it again :cry:

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