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jessicacarol 01-21-2012 09:45 PM

Double post delete
So here's our story, my DS did not latch until her was 2.5 months, he is now almost 4 months. Since nursing we have gradually began co-sleeping, we put him down in his bassinet and he usually wakes around midnight to nurse and sounds the rest of the night in our bed snacking. It attempt to get him back into his own bed I tried getting up to nurse, he cries and gets upset, we nurse again and this goes on for about an hour and then it seems like before I know it he's up again. Went I was pumping and bottle feeding he was sleeping in good 6-7 hr stretches, so this is a little frustrating to me.

Part of me wants to say who cares and continue to cosleep so we can all get our rest, but then I long will he be in our bed? What if we ask our parents to watch him overnight? Will he never learn to sooth himself in his own bed?!?!

Please tell me your cosleeping or not cosleeping story, I really do not know what to do!

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