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Veronemilie 01-22-2012 12:22 PM

Time to Plan my Garden!
OK so I am ready for winter to be over it was fun but it's been COLD recently!

I want to plan my garden, I can make one pretty much any size I like so space is not an issue (we have a backyard that is approx. 150'X100' plus have use of the field behind our house it's about 2 acres (I donít want a 2 acre garden though)).

We are in Zone 4B (as far as I can tell). Tomatoes do REALLY well here, sweet peppers do fairly well, most of the other things we have tried have gotten over run by weeds (oups! forgot to pull those pesky weeds again (any suggestions in that dept.?)). I LOVE fresh herbs & salads, I would like to grow more fruits & veggies to cut down on our grocery bill (freezing & canning).

I also would like some suggestions for flowers for our front yard (borders) something that I wont have to babysit & will look pretty good even when not in bloom, oh & if it chokes out anything else that tries to grow (ie: grass & weeds that would be a bonus). This is mostly just to keep the neighbours happy because personally I donít like having to put effort into something that gives me nothing back (ie: food) & planting vegetables in the borders just doesnít seem right.

Oh we have LOTS of sun so anything we plant has to like sun (we have only a few shady spots & only one where I would be able to plant vegetables and 1 or 2 for flowers).

Thanks for your input!

iamelated 02-21-2012 10:24 AM

Re: Time to Plan my Garden!
Strawberries! I found mine did really well with full sun, and depending on the variety they can produce fruit all summer long.

Veronemilie 02-21-2012 11:15 AM

Re: Time to Plan my Garden!
We tried Strawberries one year & the birds & wildlife kept eating them on us. One day they were green the next they were gone & we could see little bits of red on what was left.

Thanks for the suggestion anyways.

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