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Babybliss 01-24-2012 06:55 AM

PP help
A new buyer purchased from me and paid with pp. when I went to print the shipping label it told me they need to confirm their address first. I contacted the buyer and then she ask me to not send to that address because they did not live there that was her dh's parents house.

She also said they corrected their address and gave it to me in PM. When I go to print the label it says shipping is not available at this time. What do I need to do to protect my self as a seller?

When I look at the contact info it still has the old address. Do I need to refund and have them confirm their new address first to be protected?

Help! Ive never had this happen so I don't know what to do.


4littlenorskes 01-24-2012 02:54 PM

Re: PP help
Yes, you need to refund her and ask her to please update the address and re-send payment as you are required to ship to the address provided in PP.

Also, per PP you can ship to an address that is not confirmed just as long as it's the one listed when you receive payment.

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