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AddycakesMama 01-30-2012 08:03 AM

Nighttime diapee
What is your nighttime diaper? I'm still using sposies at night because I'm scared to try cloth. My 6 month old sleeps about 12hours straight, and I don't want to have to wake her up to change her. Ideas? I currently have pockets and prefolds and am using bamboo inserts. My LO is 14+ pounds.

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MomBecks 01-30-2012 08:29 AM

Re: Nighttime diapee
I prefer wool covers at night, but you could try wrapping a prefold around a bamboo insert and stuffing it into a pocket. My SIL uses this system and loves it!

omahonycm 01-30-2012 08:40 AM

Re: Nighttime diapee
Fitteds never ever worked for us. We used a BG stuffed with microfiber on top (fast absorbing) and 1-2 hemps underneath for holding power. My LO just made it to 18 months and we're now on a sposie with an insert and liner on top. Sigh.

saeria 01-30-2012 09:16 AM

Re: Nighttime diapee
For our (used to be) super heavy wetter we used BBH night with wool, but we could also use an extra stuffed Piddle poddle with wool. For non super heavy wetters, like DS was for a while, we could get away with using a BG OS stuffed with bamboo and the newborn microfiber insert on top. This is the solution we use now, as he only wears a nighttime dipe, and have been out of daytime dipes since July.

AddycakesMama 01-30-2012 09:27 AM

Explain how wool works. I've never seen a wool cover. How does it hold everything in?

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wrightrottie 01-30-2012 01:27 PM

Re: Nighttime diapee
We just switched to wool for night too! It.Is.Amazing! Wool is a natural water resistant material. Think wool can walk out into the rain in one and not get wet. It is the original waterproof textile...before they invented all this other stuff! I was VERY skeptical. But, it works. Wool contains lanolin and that keeps it water resistant. You have to hand wash it but its easy to do and you let it soak in lanolin for a little bit to re-waterproof. The awesome thing is because it breathes, it only has to be washed like every few weeks.

We use a Happy Hempy fitted stuffed with a BG insert. It is bombproof under the wool!

Lesley@CottonBabies 01-30-2012 06:29 PM

Re: Nighttime diapee
We have two night time options that we use. If we use one of her bumGenius 4.0 pockets, we stuff them with the one-size microfiber insert paired with a Hemp Babies Little Weeds. She sleeps 11-13 hours straight, and she rarely leaks with this combination. Our other night time option that we use, is a bumGenius Elemental with a Hemp Babies Little Weeds under the soakers. We have never had a leak with this combination! My daughter is almost 9 months and weighs 17 pounds. She is a really heavy wetter! I hope this helped!

carolyndavis 01-30-2012 06:43 PM

Re: Nighttime diapee
I'm a Flip devotee, so I use them day and night. At night I use a Flip organic cotton insert folded around a BG newborn microfiber soaker, and just lay the whole thing in the Flip cover. I leave it on my 17-lb. DS for about 11 hours usually.

lynn97 01-30-2012 07:34 PM

We've had trouble finding a good solution for our DS. The only things I've found to work so far are a good quality OBV fitted w/a cover or a BG 4.0 stuffed with an organic Flip and a large Joeybunz premium hemp insert. The pocket combination can be tough to get a good fit though.

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