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*~Mindy~* 06-11-2006 01:13 PM

vax question...about my brother
okay i was looking for and found his vax booklet thinggie. my brother is 7, turns 8 in november was born 11-98.

im trying to figure out what hes had and stuff so that i can try to help my mom. well this thing only goes to his first two visits and the hospital but its something to go on anyway...

he had
hepatitis b at 3 days
hepatitis b at exactly 1 month
and te ORAL polio
at 2 months and a couple days.
this is all late 98 and really early 99, is there anything especailly bad that was in them then and isnt now, or anything?

and what other than the virus being live i think is worse about the OPV than the IPV??
i dont think they give the oral one anymore at all, right?

and i cant BELIEVE he got all this stuff at 2 months and under,thats just sooo crazy!! :banghead::banghead:

kingwooten 06-11-2006 02:04 PM

Re: vax question...about my brother
I know when my oldest (born 7-98) they did give the shots in the hospital and alot earlier than they do now. I don't know if they were worse, though. If you need his whole shot record though you can ask the ped. they have to give it to you for school, etc. I asked about the vax being given later now vs. then and they told me, that most babies aren't exposed so early and that's why they don't give shots in the hospital anymore. Not sure if this helps or not.

Raquelita 06-11-2006 06:11 PM

Re: vax question...about my brother
That vaccination schedule is the same as the current one, and yes it does seem like a lot of shots to me too. The only thing that has been added is the Prevnar vax at the 2 month appt. too, so the babies get 4 shots at that point.

I cannot *believe* they gave him the oral polio vax though! that's so dangerous! it is a live virus vaccine and the reason it was stopped being given to children is b/c a small percentage would contract polio from it (there was a guy at my college with crippled legs b/c of the vaccine). The IPV vaccine doesn't carry that risk.

rowynne 06-11-2006 07:18 PM

Re: vax question...about my brother
My oldest dd was also born 11/98 so I had to go pull out her baby record to check. SHe only got hep b in the hospital. She got DTP, HiB, IPV (not the oral, they were supposed to have stopped using it at that point)) at her 2mo appt.

Now that was the time there was supposed to be "bad" stuff in the vaxs but at 7.5 my dd is in the gifted program and reads at a 5th grade level. My 5yr old on the other hand who didnt get the "bad" vaxs has ADHD, DD, a possible mood disorder (waiting till shes older to diagnose that for sure) and its a completely opposite child than my first. Go figure :)

*~Mindy~* 06-11-2006 07:57 PM

Re: vax question...about my brother
okay thanks for the replies.

i thought they werent supposed to be giving the oral one anymore by then but i wasnt sure, and i dont have a clue of why they did!!! i dont like his ped to begin with but theres a lot of reasoning behind it....
my moms about as clueless as most people about this stuff, and she rarely (as in i know of once to a sports medicine doc about her back pain 3 years ago and the hospital a few times in the ambulance a few years ago but other than that, the last time i remember i was 11 or so!) goes to the doc herself, so youd think shed be especially leary of stuff like this but nope!! (she was treated for cancer among other things as a teen, and she didnt have it, she has lupus...) and its like...argh!!!

and yeah thats kinda weird rowynne!!

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