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Fitter 02-02-2012 02:37 PM

The birth of George Thomas!
The Birth Story of George Thomas

On Saturday (1/28) I was 39 weeks 4 days pregnant, and decided I HAD to do some returns and shopping errands. While I was out I started having some uncomfortable contractions so I decided to head home, this was 1:45 PM. I called DH and told him to get ready but not call his parents yet, just start preparing because I was pretty sure today was the day.

We started preparing things to go and labored at home for a few hours. I called the midwife around 3 PM to let her know I was in labor and she told us to head into the hospital (contractions were 3-5 minutes apart). We called my ILís to watch the other kids and got to the hospital around 4 PM. I could have labored at home longer had my older children not been there, I was having a hard time with my contractions while the kids were around, so I was relieved to get to the hospital.

When we checked in I was 4-5 cms and 80 % effaced and my contractions had slowed to 5 minutes apart. The midwife was called but had not arrived yet so we walked and walked and walked. After an hour I was 5-6 and getting more uncomfortable. We continued like this, switching to the birthing ball and rocking in the room because I did not want to be around any people in the hallways anymore.

After another check of 5-6 and another call to the midwife who still had not arrived (they had changed shifts of who was on call during this time), I decided I wanted to head into the tub for a while (7:20 or so PM). I labored in the tub and my contractions which were now very long and very strong. I continued to labor in the tub until a bit after 8:45 PM, still no midwife and I was getting upset.

So now I am laboring in the room and on the bed while they call, only to find out that the midwife on call has gone to another hospital to deliver someone else and now they are calling the OB on call. They check me and I am 8 cm and everyone still seems to be taking their time. Almost immediately after the cervical check I feel pressure to push, the nurse looks and says indeed she can see the head and they start calling for the hospital resident doctor to come and do the delivery because the OB from my office has not yet arrived. The nurse is asking me to blow through the contractions but I canít, the baby is coming.

The resident doctor gets in the room, just as I have an enormous contraction that breaks my water. She makes it to the foot of the bed just as the babyís head is coming out, but realize that the baby has the cord around their neck. So the baby is pushed back in a bit while the cord is removed, I gather my strength through the next 2 contractions and on the third the head is delivered. The OB from my office arrives now and delivers the babyís shoulders and body, 9:12 PM Welcome to the world George Thomas! He was 7 lbs 3oz, 20 inches long and completely perfect.

We were team green and I was completely surprised because I thought all along this was a girl, although I shouldnít be too surprised because we have been team green with our other 3 children and I have guessed wrong every time.

They laid him on my chest and he was alert and crying immediately. He was then taken to be cleaned up a bit and diapered. They realized I was bleeding pretty heavily. I told them I have always been on the heavy side with my other kids as well, but never required any treatment. This time it was too heavy and I was given a shot of Methergran to help my uterus contract and slow the bleeding. After 2 hours of skin to skin and nursing time with my new little boy, we were taken to the postpartum unit 11:15 PM

Up in post partum they bathed George and recorded all the measurements. I called for a nurse when I needed to use the restroom because I felt I needed some help. When I went in I passed several very large clots and the nurses were concerned. My bleeding was not slowing down. The resident doctor was called back in to check me. Pitocin was started to further help my uterus to contract and she manually removed more clots from my uterus. I was checked again at midnight and my bleeding was definitely not slowing, so I was taken back down to L&D so they could examine me with better lighting, stirrups etcÖ

Down in L&D I could tell everyone was getting concerned about the blood loss and I was honestly not feeling well. I was cold, weak and very nauseated. They did another manual extraction of clots from uterus and examined me for tears that may have been missed, but there were none. I had now lost a lot of blood and my BP was starting to dip. Next they attempted to insert a balloon into my uterus to apply pressure to the walls and get the bleeding to stop.

This failed because the top portion of my uterus had contracted but the bottom had not, there was not enough room for the balloon. After the resident attempted the balloon and failed my OB was paged back to the room. Before she made it back they decided I needed blood and ordered 2 units, before those made it more fluids and another drug (the name escapes me) that pulls fluid from other parts of the body into the blood stream was given to me. By now my BP was dropping into the 70/40 range and my heart rate was around 115 per minute. I was very cold, shivering violently and in a lot of pain, everything up to this point had been performed with no pain medication at all.

Now my OB has made it back and she attempts to insert the balloon and once again it fails. At the lowest my BP was 69/40, they decided I was too unstable for pain medication but if they took me to the OR they could give me something so they could attempt the balloon again. It was at this point that I had completely lost it, I was crying that they couldnít do any more to me, I couldnít take it, I was worried about my baby and upset that I had been gone so long that I was sure he was being fed formula.

The OR is very fuzzy for me, but I know they attempted the balloon again and it still failed, I was given 2 units of blood and a unit of packed cells. At this point they were able to insert a Foley balloon (much smaller) and pack me with gauze. This was to slow the bleeding enough that I could get to radiology department where they would be performing a uterine artery embolization.

My poor DH had been told he would be able to accompany me into the OR and was sent to suit up. When he came back suited up and ready to come in, they would not let him in. He hadnít said goodbye to me and was very upset that he was now not allowed in. So he was able to see me after the OR and before I went into radiology. I asked him to go and check on George and cuddle him, it was now 5 AM.

I was taken into radiology where they injected a contrast dye and inserted a probe through my femoral artery; from there they were able to block the arteries that supplied the bottom portion of my uterus to stop the bleeding. This was a 2 hour procedure and was performed under a twilight sleep; I have very foggy memories of this time. Most of them are of crying for George and DH and being very cold. I was given 2 more units of blood and another unit of packed cell during this procedure.

Around 7 am they had finished and my bleeding was finally controlled. They were able to move to the high risk L&D floor, around 8 am they brought George down to so I could see him. I still had to lie completely flat until noon and could not hold or nurse him. DH was able feed him and keep him nearby so I could see him.

I will spare you guys the rest but we spent several days in the hospital as I recovered. We are home now and feel very blessed to be alive and have a wonderful new little boy in our lives. I am sure there are things I donít remember but I needed to write down what I could just to get it out. I apologize for how ridiculously long this post is, thanks for reading.

And here is a picture of our little man in the hospital before all of the excitement

at home 5 days old

skyericsson 02-02-2012 02:47 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!
:hugs: mama he is precious! and so glad that you are home healing and safe.

Squig'sMumMum 02-02-2012 02:56 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!
That was scary even to read. :hugs: I am so glad you are both home and doing well.
George is totally adorable :)

PurpleMonkey 02-02-2012 03:11 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!
thank you for sharing your story. I am so relieved to know the outcome was positive despite all the horror. I would have feared the same thing about being separated from your baby for so long. How are you feeling now physically? George looks so healthy!!!!

that really saddens me about how your husband couldn't go in with you :(

ashliemh 02-02-2012 03:24 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!
:hugs: Kelly! What a difficult time. I am so glad that you are doing ok now and able to be home with your sweet boy. He is completely adorable!

aLittleBouncingSoul 02-02-2012 03:26 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!
He is so beautiful, and I'm glad you're doing well now :hugs:

luckymum 02-02-2012 03:35 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!
All my love Kelly...I am glad all is well. George is simply perfect :wub:

threestraycats 02-02-2012 03:40 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!

Love this name! He is adorable!

png_lovebirds 02-02-2012 03:44 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!
OMGoodness what a story!! I am so happy to hear you are okay and your little one is healthy!!

leeuhhh 02-02-2012 04:06 PM

Re: The birth of George Thomas!
nak- how scary, glad youre doing ok now!

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