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happysmileylady 02-06-2012 01:27 PM

Mabu baby-have you used it?
I have been pretty happy with my hand made system of pocket dipes with flannel inner fleece outer and pinning them together. However, it wasn't working for everyone else.

I went and bought some PUL and some snaps and was ready to go, but we have had more car and other mechanical problems since the first of the year than we had all of last year, I have been working extra, then my sewing machine developed a tension issue that I am still not 100% is resolved. I haven't had time to sew at all.

So I broke down and grabbed a box of 2 Mabu Babys when I was at Walmart buying another car battery. Yeah, it was $30, and $15 each was WAY more than I wanted to spend on what is basically a pair of dipes. However, it will solve the issues that others (DH) have with using the cost dipes on the kids (since I can't be home with them all time time.)

In this box is 2 outers, 2 inner liners, 2 washable pads and 2 sposie pads. I don't care about the sposie pads either way, DH will probably use those two up tonight when I am at work.

But I have some questions for those who have used these.

*how well does the velcro hold up? It's not real velcro, is it aplix or something similar? I know these haven't been around a LONG time, has anyone had them for many months or so to tell how the velcro is holding up long term?

*I have about a dozen or so gerber birdseye prefolds that I use to stuff the pockets I make. Would those work in these liners too? I would think so, other than maybe requiring some folding to make it fit.

*With that waterproof liner in there, DH could probably just switch out inner pads without having to use a whole brand new cover each time he changes her, right? Assuming of course it's just pee and the whole thing didn't soak right though everything (she can be a heavy wetter at times.)

*How do these work at night? I am thinking maybe one or two of the gerber prefolds with the washable pad overnight, she should be ok, right? I would really love to have her in cloth full time and not have to worry about hoarding diaper coupons anymore.

Anyone have any other tips to share about these?

AZmommy 02-06-2012 01:45 PM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?
I have soemhe re they are alright but I deffiently think there is better avaiable. I like the sell pretty well its nothing pretty darn ugly infact but its functions fine and I like it way better in fuction than the G diaper I think there inserts are pointless they shrink all weird once washed though they do hold more than they look like they would. I think they will be fine with other prefodls or pad folded flats. I find the velcro pretty nice actually but havnt used them long term. Our Walmart stopped carrying them while they werent my favorite I was still sad to see them gone. We were one of the first stores to get them..


Sabra 02-06-2012 06:23 PM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?
I've had a pair since October. So...four months now? They've held up well, but it's a short time. They actually have held up better than the last pack of gDiapers I bought. The only reason I haven't bough more is they just seem so pricey. I have bought some more of their liners. I really like them, and they fit in the corresponding size gDiaper.

Strangely, my padfolded Gerbers don't seem to work too well as an alternate liner for them. They work well for added absorbency overnight, but I don't get good results using them alone. So it may be that they whole usefulness of the diaper hinges very strongly upon the insert. YMMV, though. The hook-and-loop tape has held up well. I'm not sure what it is. It is soft. It doesn't seem to catch lint like my covers do. :giggle:

mfergy0625 02-06-2012 07:24 PM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it? has a video review of them. Maybe check it out :)

happysmileylady 02-06-2012 11:39 PM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?
I think my DH is cloth diaper incompetent.

I told him all about the dipes, I had them all washed at set up. I called him at 8, so 3 hours after I had gone to work. He said he used BOTH of them, and that BOTH had leaked all the way through and he had to change her clothes and everything. Now, she can be a heavy wetter, but really, she soaked completely through TWO diapers, with a waterproof layer in 3 hours?

I think he screwed up putting them on. I am going to wash them in the morning and see how they work for me tomorrow to see if I can figure out what he screwed up.

Sabra 02-07-2012 12:40 AM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?
I think the pack comes with little...I don't know what they call them, little disposable things that are supposed to increase absorbency. Do you think he used that instead of the inserts? Or did he use the disposable inserts? (I didn't try those.) I've put Marie in a Mabu Baby diaper overnight and not had her soak through; she's 14 months old and in the Maxi size.

happysmileylady 02-07-2012 07:16 AM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?
My DH is a goober. lol

So, I get home, and no he hadn't used both of the diapers. She had been in a homemade cloth one when I left for work and he left her in it too long and it had leaked. I am still not quite sure how the other one leaked too, I think he had it on her too loose. I had him put the other one on her this morning and it about fell off her butt.

She's 16 months old, about 20 to 25 lbs, so she's in the Maxi too.

happysmileylady 02-08-2012 10:44 AM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?
Ok, so last night, I put together a diaper for DH with the regular Mabu pad, plus threw a second prefold in there for overnight. I watched DH put it on her and he was letting the liner "gussets" get all wrinkled up. Because she's a wiggle worm and rolls all over. So I fixed it, he put it on at 7pm. She went overnight, from 7pm till 4am in it, and while she was a little bit wet around the legs, overall, I feel like it held up as good as a sposie does during nine hours overnight.

Also, I have tried the Mabu cover over my regular dipes, and for babysitters, that might be an option. It's not perfect, but if I make a few dipes with snaps, and then have them put this cover over it, it's not cute, but it's functional and saves money.

Sabra 02-09-2012 11:25 PM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?
Yeah, if they were cuter, I'd buy them all the time!

AZmommy 02-10-2012 12:19 AM

Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?
I was till a tad sad to see that our Walmart is no longer carring them.. I alos remember when our target briefly carried Bumgenius pockets but stopped carrying those as well. Id love to see real cloth in stores but every attempt I've seen eventually folds..

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