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clatchford2011 02-07-2012 12:53 PM

Don't know why I did this...
I am a nut case at this point. I have a confirmed pregnancy through the labs and I still had to go and do this.

I keep having cramps and back pain and I am very afraid that I will lose this pregnancy. I don't know why... I went through my previous pregnancy worry free but now I am scared. I don't get it. I have barely any symptoms and I guess that is what is freaking me out. But what bothers me is I went back and got another HPT and took it and it is a faint BFP?

Do the lines fade as you go further in your pregnancy or is it just me? *sigh* I am so worried because of these cramps and no symptoms :-\


abhernandez 02-07-2012 01:01 PM

Re: Don't know why I did this...
A) Not to sound like a broken record but hpts can vary so much for so many reasons.
B) I think half of the symptoms women feel at 5 weeks are IPS. When I had my spotting scare, my boobs stopped hurting. The spotting stopped and my tests are dark, my boobs suddenly hurt again. Coincidence? I think not.
C) You're not spotting. Thats awesome news! Now relax. Stress is no good for that wee one!

FX tightly for you!

clatchford2011 02-07-2012 01:07 PM

Re: Don't know why I did this...
ty, I am not spotting at all.... I am just freaked out because I have never had a pregnancy with barely any symptoms. I know it is still early and I do take the lab's word on this. I am very happy and excited that I am pregnant! I have wanted this since Isabel was 1 (shes 3 now).

When DH told me he was ready to TTC I was totally over the moon with joy. I was nervous and excited once I got my BFP and then confirmed with the lab. Now I got my prenatal appointment request for off post today. Maybe it will set in once I hear the baby's heartbeat? I need to get back in the swing of life here at home again.

abhernandez 02-07-2012 01:15 PM

Re: Don't know why I did this...
I know. I feel like my life has stopped. I need to hear that heartbeat to move on.

clatchford2011 02-07-2012 01:19 PM

Re: Don't know why I did this...
same same... I don't even know why I did the HPT I am researching as we speak. I just don't get it

kymdenise 02-07-2012 01:46 PM

I think there is such a discrepancy with hpts. Also, think about it like this... If we werent ttc, we wouldn't even know we were pg yet. Our Afs are i only like, a week late. So give those symptoms some time to kick in. You'll be kneeling before the porcelain throne before you know it. ;) how far along are you?

clatchford2011 02-07-2012 01:59 PM

Re: Don't know why I did this...

5 weeks today. I did find out around 11dpo. right away with my first pregnancy and with DD I was sick and more so my boobs were so sore.

I have to talk myself down because I did breastfeed with DD for a good 6 months (boobs are all stretched out and I am sure I got room for swelling.) and I have heard that the more pregnancies you have the more pronounced the cramps and back aches become. Then again the sickness thing is just depending on each child. So I am hoping that is what it is. I am a week late today so I am not worried because I would have gotten my period by now if I weren't pregnant.

this one is very quiet! maybe he or she will be as quiet when they are born! LOL

Terra76 02-07-2012 02:33 PM

Re: Don't know why I did this...
I have had cramping with each and every healthy pg. As far as you hpt goes, This morning, I dipped 2 wondfo tests at the same time in the same FMU and you know what? One was significantly lighter than the other! I was surprised but glad I dipped two because if i had dipped just the one that was light, I would have been concerned. :hugs: try and relax a bit and in no time at all, we will all be complaining about our symptoms.

sheenashine 02-07-2012 02:43 PM

Re: Don't know why I did this...
I agree with everyone else. I have also cramped with every single one of my pregnancies.

Also, I often read about the "hook effect" on FF. Supposedly, once your HCG gets so high tests start showing lighter test lines (I can't remember the whys behind this- but I'm sure you could google it). I don't know that we are quite that far along yet... but every baby is different- you could try diluting your urine with a little water.

Honestly though, it's probably just the test. ((hugs))

sheenashine 02-07-2012 02:46 PM

Re: Don't know why I did this...
Here, this lady explains it better:

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