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ajjulian 02-08-2012 11:02 AM

Anyone have any pointers on discouraging the eating of everything? My 2.5yr old dd has pika and seriously eats foam, lotion, soap, etc... I keep only "safe and edible" things in the house but if we go somewhere it is all over.

eli's momma 02-09-2012 11:29 PM

My son has this as well, but appears to be outgrowing it. It's been such a struggle. He started by ripping the sheet of his crib mattress, tore the outer plastic cover off the mattress and was eating the foam from inside. Double sheets did no good, so we finally ended up having a super large "pillow case" made to fit over the mattress, that velcro'd shut so he couldn't get to it. Then the wall of our utility room was soaked from water damage, and he picked and picked at the wall and made a HUGE hole in it, and would grab handfuls of drywall dust and eat it. He's swallowed bits of plastic and foil wrappers, sharp plastic pieces he bit off of toys, his brother's legos, small rocks, other things. His poop was always colorful.

It's tough even trying to explain this to people, b/c they automatically assume you are not paying attention to them or "letting" them do this. I kept my son buckled into his high chair a lot more often than I cared to, just trying to keep him from eating things that could hurt him. I followed him around with food, when I saw him trying to eat other things I'd stop him and offer the food instead. He still has his moments, but not nearly as intense as it used to be. Hopefully your son will outgrow this too.

b bright 02-10-2012 01:01 AM

I haven't done extensive research on the matter, but I always read that pica is caused by the body craving some sort of vitamin or mineral that it is deficient in. Have you tried giving him daily multivitamins?

With that said, I have been a sufferer of pica during my last pregnancy. I craved sand sooooooo bad. I was actually considering going to my front yard and grabbing a handful to eat. I of course didn't want to eat and bacteria so I was catching myself googling how to sterilize it! Lol. It is horrible and while I had enough restraint to not actually go through with it, I can see how a child wouldn't understand the risks. I actually did eat sand as a child. Maybe my body has some sort of deficiency that I don't know of?!?

ajjulian 02-10-2012 11:19 AM

Thanks. We do a lot of supplements so I am sure she is not deficient. We keep telling her no Yucky and she says yum. We have very few things in our house that could be toxic but I have caught her with screws and thumbtacs and foam and well you name it.... I try to watch her but lets face it I am 1 person with 2 eyes and I do have to use the bathroom sometimes. Thanks for the encouragement. I pray she outgrows this!

Cdra 02-11-2012 04:00 AM

I'm bumping because my 28 month old eats anything she can get her hands on. She drank half a bottle of baby lotion once. I took her to the er and she turned out ok but it was scary. I don't know how to make her stop. She also licks everything including the walls, tables even the bottom of her shoes. I wipe everything down with water/vinegar all day! It's getting tiring.

britsuz90 02-11-2012 05:38 PM

I would have her zinc and iron checked to see if she is deficient. Low levels will definitely cause pica. I wouldn't just throw supplements at her unless you know what the problem is because you can cause problems that way as many are toxic in above normal doses. Plus, she could not be absorbing them, so knowing what her blood levels are would be helpful.

Other than that, I have no ideas. My 10 year old is tube fed and it is common to have pica. She mainly eats paper type items like stickers, paper, bandaids, also her feeding tube or anything silicone, and Legos. We have to sort through her Lego block occasionally to make sure she didn't get any little ones in there- minifig hands, heads, and accessories are her favorites. She did have an xray when she was about 4 and we saw that she had also swallowed some coins. Once when hospitalized she chewed a hole into some IV tubing which we didn't discover until we saw that her bed was wet.

ajjulian 02-13-2012 07:23 AM

Thanks. I guess I should have been slightly more specific in the supplements. She is on a multivitamin, probiotic because she gets yeasty, zinc. We have been working with a DO. Thanks.

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