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yesterdayicried 02-16-2012 11:24 AM

Anyone go from home birth to hospital birth?
I have had two previous home births and am now considering a hospital birth.

Mainly because:
-My beloved midwife is no longer in practice and while I have faith in the competence of my current midwife she and I don't jibe super well. She is always late and feels like an OB but in my home.

-Financially we're going to struggle to pay off the homebirth. A hospital birth would be free with Medicaid and allow me to splurge a little more on this last baby

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hospital CNM that I met with recently. Totally jibe with her, feel respected by her, and feel like she'll do what she can to give me the birth experience I want

-I am not in the best place relationship wise with my partner and don't feel like he (or that we could afford) adequate postpartum rest and care.

-If I don't home birth I could afford a good doula to help me navigate hossy protocols.

-The hospital I'd use has massage therapists, aromatherapists, birth tubs in every room and are generally trying hard to replicate natural home birth experience in the hossy.

Anyway, anyone else have experience birthing at home and then heading to the hossy with subsequent births?

edens_mom 02-16-2012 03:25 PM

Re: Anyone go from home birth to hospital birth?
Home birth hasn't been an option for me but in your case, the hospital sounds like where you would be most comfortable this time! It sounds like they are VERY supportive of natural birth and I'd take a midwife I am more comfortable with any day! Bonus points for an awesome doula and everything being much less expensive!

emilyrebekah 02-16-2012 04:00 PM

Your hospital sounds like the one I birthed in. I haven't had a home birth but enjoyed the exp I had at my hossy. I am also of the opinion you need to be in sync with your care provider. Based on what you said, I'd go for the hospital,

Solomon's Mama 02-16-2012 04:27 PM

Re: Anyone go from home birth to hospital birth?
I planned a homebirth and saw a midwife for half of my pregnancy with DD. My midwife was sweet, but I have an awesome relationship with my OB and I missed him. Then we got approved for medicaid which was a God send because we were struggling to come up with the extra money for the midwife each month. If you have a good care provider and the hospital is a nurturing/supportive place, that sounds so much better than birthing at home without that supportive network, especially since you aren't sure your SO will offer the support you need postpartum.

I was really glad I switched back to the hospital. Nothing like laying in bed with room service and cable while you recover! Especially when you have children at home. It was so nice to have time alone with DD to bond.

momof3boys1girl 02-16-2012 04:55 PM

Re: Anyone go from home birth to hospital birth?
i think the hospital sounds great! I would use the mw i clicked with.

bluedaisyma 02-16-2012 07:07 PM

Re: Anyone go from home birth to hospital birth?
I had 2 hospital births, then 2 homebirths, then a hospital birth. None of the hospital births were my choice. My last hospital one was a really good experience, though. However, I want a home birth with this one, just don't know if I can make it happen.

CaliRoll 02-16-2012 09:47 PM

Your hospital sounds awesome and if it means you can get a doula, why not? You can still have a natural birth PLUS at the hospital they'll bring you food. :)

yesterdayicried 02-17-2012 07:05 AM

Re: Anyone go from home birth to hospital birth?
Thanks everyone for the input :goodvibes:

tygr2410 02-17-2012 07:09 AM

Re: Anyone go from home birth to hospital birth?
I'd go for the hospital in your case. They aren't terrible places, and yours sounds pretty nice. Plus it's important to feel comfortable with your provider

Nerissa 02-17-2012 07:35 AM

Re: Anyone go from home birth to hospital birth?
I would go with the hospital. I have had two great hospital births. Very relaxing, despite the chaos of DS1 being 4 weeks early and not ready. The nurses were awsome. With DS2 one of the nurses too pics for me since DH didn't make it on time. I loved being just me and the baby. We didn't have a ton of visitors. Room service and TV and snuggles for the first day were awsome.

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