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Emmers22185 02-16-2012 01:15 PM

Help! Clog? Biting? I don't know what it is!
I have been bf DD2 for 12 months, and before that I bf DD1 for 12 months. I am not ready to quit quite yet, but for the first time ever it feels like DD is biting me (although she is not biting me it is just painful when she nurses on the right side) and is kind of a sharp pain when she nurses. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions what I can do? I don't even know which doctor I would call if it was some kind of infection? I've never had a problem before, but I am seriously about ready to quit. DD only nurses in the morning and at night, with an occasional snack before nap time (not every day, it depends on the day, time, etc.).

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