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CandiceW 02-18-2012 04:06 PM

pumping question..
Question about pumping.. My son is a little over a month old. I have EBF him so no bottles, no formula. I bought a pump and bottles because my husband wants to be able to feed baby as well. WELL...I used pump for the first time last night, then again 1 time this am and I did not enjoy at all! It hurt and I did not even get much milk.. Like 1/2 oz both times I tried... NOTHING! When I was using this am I had a flashback of when I tried bfing my fist son.. It did not ggo well and the pumping I guess is what made me stop all together.. (I did not figure it was the pumping making nipple pain worse but apparently it does! with first ds my nipples cracked, would bleed.. and every time I pumped got totally pink milk from all the blood.. it was bad! and i gave up..and to this day regret.. )I am scared to use pump again now.. I don't want to feel that uncomfortable feeling and I def don't want to feel like the last time I used a pump! My second son was a natural, his latch was instant and natural from first time being put to my breast. I really don't know if this is normal...? Does it get better(pumping that is..does it stop hurting and do you get more oz wise)? Again, I have NO issues with bfing, it's the pumping I am having issues with.. I really would like to get some milk pumped so dh can feed baby...and eventually getting out on date would be NICE, lol!

LaughingPeaMama 02-18-2012 04:20 PM

Re: pumping question..
Does yours have adjustable suction? I'd turn it way down then gradually turn it up until it would be uncomfortable if you turned it up more. 1/2 might be normal for you. When did you feed little one last. If I pump after I've fed I usually get a small amount but if you are only pumping for an occasional bottle just store it till you have enough. Also your breast shield might be the wrong size. I know for me pumping had only hurt occasionally and then only if I didn't have something positioned right. Which pump do you have?

CandiceW 02-18-2012 04:30 PM

Re: pumping question..
I bought used, I got a Melda double pump in style advance. It does have the dial.. I will turn all the way down again and try.. What is best time to try and pump when you have a baby that is almost always attached to your boob? lol Or like now sleeping in Beco so I am unable to do now. I wanted to try and pump one side while he hate on other.. but really I am SO not that coordinated! I could not even hold both sides of pump either with I tired that. it was frustrating.. so much easier to have baby look at your boob.. open it's mouth and just do their thing. lol

Lady_B 02-18-2012 05:28 PM

I find that if I pump and feed at the same time I get two things done at once. Feeding and pumping lol. And since both breast let down at the same time it's better then letting it leak all over me. If you want to try and store more and need more supply try fenugreek. I pump in the morning before feeding and then after feedings, but not every time.

mrscompgeek 02-18-2012 05:35 PM

Re: pumping question..
Sounds normal to me. Pumping is definetly more uncomfortable then nursing but its not painful for me at least. Maybe the breast shield on the pump is too small for you? I have heard that you can get different sizes?
and 1/2 oz sounds about right too. Had you just fed him? I get 2oz , 1 oz from each side almost everytime I pump. . Less if I have just fed Addy. The max I have ever got from pumping is 3oz, 1-1/2 oz from each side and that was after she had not ate for a couple hours.

Thismomma 02-18-2012 06:35 PM

Re: pumping question..
I have a Lansinoh double electric pump and I found that it hurt much less than the Medela did. The cups are softer and have a slightly larger attachment tube, which pinched less during pumping. It did hurt for me in the beginning.

Each time I pumped, I would start it low and when it stopped being uncomfortable I'd up it a notch or two. Eventually, I got to the point that I could pump 8 oz from each side at a time (major success!!!). I suggest that you try it for a week or so with a tube of lanolin close by (use liberally!) and if you don't feel better about it, discuss it with DH and let him down slowly.

Sorry, mama. Good luck!

BrandNewMama 02-18-2012 06:50 PM

Re: pumping question..
Personally I don't pump but instead use one of the Milkies milk savers. Since both boobs let down at once the milk saver just "catches" my leakage from the non-nursing side and I save that. No pain, no mess and I still have milk to freeze! Just a thought.

Mamata3 02-18-2012 07:41 PM

You should check and make sure you have the right size cone things that your nipples go into. I had a lactation nurse look at sizing for me, I thought I needed big ones so I got the 30mm ones and turned our I need the zs ones 21mm. Lol I feel so stupid :(

LaughingPeaMama 02-18-2012 08:22 PM

Re: pumping question..
I got the milk daze nursing tank from cotton babies on sale and it sorta works as a hands free tank and you can nurse because the cup pulls down but you have to really make an effort to pull it down

OHIOFIFI 02-18-2012 08:27 PM

Re: pumping question..
My pediatrician wanted me to pump after each nursing session to make sure I got out all the hind milk and to stimulate my supply a few months ago. She told me I probably would only get about 1oz after nursing so it sounds like you are doing fine in what you are pumping out. I also use a PIS advance and I find it can really hurt if I have the suction up too high like a PP said. And Medela does make different diameter breast shields so you may want to look into those like a PP suggested.

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