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serenas_song 02-23-2012 08:38 AM

whats in your diaper bag???
New to cloth and trying to figure out how to fit it all in my diaper bag when going out. What's in yours?

L J 02-23-2012 09:05 AM

Right now, I am out of town so I'm packed pretty heavy. We are going out for the day, so about 6 hours. I have:

3 prefolds with doublers
A Flip stuffed with a flat (emergency diaper, I hate Flips)
A wool soaker
Change of clothes
Extra socks
Two tubes of rash cream (CJs and Grandma El's)
Extra diaper pins
Wet bag
Cloth and sposie wipes
3 baby toys
Pocket knife
Water bottle
Wristlet wallet
Headband for me
Granola bars

I typically only carry two diapers, and rarely have a change of clothes if we are just around town.

This is all packed in my Go Gaga Slide bag. It's a lot smaller than my Ju Ju Be Be All, but easier to carry while wearing the baby.

Pixels 02-23-2012 10:29 AM

Re: whats in your diaper bag???
We have two kids. One is potty trained but still having the rare accident, the other is full-time diapered. We use both cloth and disposable.

In the bag:
one Best Bottoms shell with insert snapped in
one extra BB insert
a couple disposables
a bottle of water
a second bottle with pre-measured formula
a small toy
a bib

In the van we keep a small bag (Ju Ju Be Be Quick) with another thing of wipes, a plastic bag, and a clean pair of pants for the big kid. Diaper bag goes with the baby, Be Quick stays in the van.

hilaryisinked 02-23-2012 10:40 AM

Re: whats in your diaper bag???
I pack it each time we leave so say we are going out to lunch I pack for 2 in cloth:
-1 diaper for toddler & 2 diapers for 2 month old
-handful of cloth wipes
-travel size foaming wipe solution
-change of clothes for 2 month old
-wet bag
-burp cloth
-receiving blanket to cover up while nursing
-wallet, keys, phone, etc.

hibiscus869 02-23-2012 10:57 AM

I usually take:

Two Tots Bots Easy Fits
Small wet bag
Some pre-moistened wipes. That's about it for the CDing.

Then of course I've got my wallet, phone, Swiss army knife, re-usable shopping bag, mints, and one sippy cup. I travel pretty light. I keep a spare change of clothes and a blankie in the car at all times, so I don't have to carry it around in my bag.

Almacham 02-23-2012 11:31 AM

Re: whats in your diaper bag???
* Diapers, of course... how many depends on if both diapered children are leaving the house or just one, and how long we anticipate the outing to be. Anywhere from 2 to 6 diapers, really! We use fitteds only.

* A couple fleece soakers just in case. We use wool mostly but you never know what will happen so I want to have something I can pull over the diaper easily if there's some kind of accident.

* Handful of wipes. We use cloth wipes exclusively. I just grab some. Don't know how many is in there.

* Our extra bottle of spray solution.

* Some board books for the older ones to look through while we're on the road

* Sippy cups and some on-the-go snacks for the older ones, and a thermos of water, empty bottle, and can of formula for the youngest

Diaper Safari 02-23-2012 12:10 PM

Re: whats in your diaper bag???
I was a terrible over-packer, but I've been rehabilitated. ;) For my two kids, here's what I pack (one is potty training, the other is still full diapers at 2.5yrs).

1 pair training pants
1 diaper for every 2-3hrs we'll be gone plus one extra (just in case)
CJ's BUTTer stick
cloth wipes

Realistically, even if you're running errands all day long (6-7hrs) that's still only 3 or 4 diapers needed. If you use something trim like Best Bottoms, you can bring two shells and 3-4 inserts with plenty of room left over. I pack everything into the front pocket of my Planet Wise wet/dry bag and then put that in my diaper bag. I can grab that when changes are needed and not need to haul the whole bag unnecessarily. :)

EDIT: I should add that I usually also pack a water bottle for each kid, my wallet, and glasses case, and phone. Sometimes a snack.

ssand23 02-23-2012 12:25 PM

We have a Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpack.
I have in there:
3 double stuffed Flip trainers,
a small hard case of disposable wipes,
a small wet bag,
a long sleeve tshirt,
sunglasses for both my son & I,
a cooler bag with 2-3 bottles & an ice pack (when we are out),
my wallet,
Color Wonder markers,
a Color Wonder coloring book,
scrap paper,
his blood sugar test kit,
a glucagon injection kit,
an adult & junior epi-pen,
my meds,
his winter hat,
my phone,
2 Clif bars for the girls,
Purell & Wet Ones hand wipes,
Chapstick & lip stick
and a bunch of prescription slips & papers that could probably use to be cleaned out :)

I should add that my little guy has medical problems where he vomits often & you never know what you may end up with or where you may end up (we have frequent unexpected ER visits)

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