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crunchymamaNY 02-25-2012 07:05 AM

In pain, and not sure why?
DS is nearly 23 months old. We have not really changed our nursing routine at all, and he is a gentle nurser, so I know he's not the reason for my issues. You see, in Januaray, I had a m/c. It was an early one, but it seems since that time, I've had nipple pains. I'm just finishing my first AF since the m/c, and at the time, I though perhaps I still had a bit of pregnancy hormone in me, and that was why I had the nipple pain, but now that I know I'm "normal" by getting my AF on Monday, I now know it can't be pregnancy hormones, right?

So, why do I have nipple pain still? DS bf's 3 times during the day, then in the middle of the night (which I wish I could end that one!) They are tender to touch, and it's very annoying since I basically feel like I'm either pregnant (which I am not) or a pre teen developing all over again (which I'm no pre teen!).

Can anyone help me fingure out why I have this weird nipple pain? It's on both sides. It's mainly on the nipples, but kind of throughout the breasts as well if that makes sense. Everytime I accidently brush up against them, or touch them, it's a quick owch pain. However, it doesn't hurt to bf. Weird, huh?:headscratch:

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