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morganandevansmom 03-01-2012 09:03 AM

Only a few inserts stink. HELP
My Tot bots do not stink nor do any of my doublers however my one lonely FB insert stinks to high heaven when DD pees in it. It smells like poop!
So do a few of my best bottom inserts. All the rest are ok.
WTH? if it was a detergent problem wouldn't all my diapers reek? I use Ruby moon and wash twice a week. I also have a diaper sprayer and all poopy diapers get rinsed.
They smell clean before they are used
I am paranoid and this is my wash routine Cold rinse,Short warm wash with some baking soda,Extra rinse,Long hot wash with ruby moon,extra rinse, then dryer
Should I bleach all my inserts to be safe?

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