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m&m&m 03-02-2012 11:14 PM

Mavick Luke
Cross posting from due date board :)

After 3 weeks of prodromal labor, Mavick Luke was born on 02/29/12 (Leap Year baby whoo hooo!!!) at 6:45AM at 40weeks and 1day. 8lb 12oz 20.5in long. Labor was 2.5 hours.
At 10:00PM on the 28th things changed from the prodromal labor I had been having for the 3 weeks prior. Mavick dropped and engaged. Contractions were still irregular and occurring less when lying down but when I was up, it felt really good to bounce on the birthing ball through the contractions. We went to bed not sure if this was another effect from having my membranes stripped the day before (the night before I also had stronger contractions which petered out at about 11PM). I woke up a few times to contractions through the night.
At 3:15 I awoke to a contraction and to what I thought may have been my water breaking (turns out it was just a lot of cervical mucus). Contractions started hitting every 5-6 min initially but quickly got more intense and closer together. I decided to take a shower while I still could. Mark called our doula, Sara; Bev, a family friend who came and got Michael; and Eloisa, the midwife at 4:00AM. Eloisa said to meet her at the birth center at 5:00. Contractions then became 2-3 min apart by the time Sara arrived at 4:20 and were getting very intense. The only thing that felt comfortable was to lean over something and have Mark or Sara put pressure on both of my hips, squeezing them together (since the pelvis at that point is like a clothespin where if you squeeze at the back, the front opens more and relieves pressure).
We only live a few minutes away from the Birth Center but Eloisa was also running a few minutes late so I had a couple contractions in the car and a couple in the parking lot (it was COLD). Both Mark and Sara's arms were getting tired from having to continually squeeze my hips for the duration of the contractions so I knew that wasn't going to last very long. When we got inside, I had another contractions leaning over the bad and then afterwards I was checked and was 6cm dilated.
I went to the bathroom and decided to stay on the toilet and labor there for a while to give Sara and Mark a break while allowing my hips to be extra wide while squatting and contracting on the toilet. At that point the only thing that helped was Mark giving close eye contact while firmly rubbing my forehead and face, keeping them from tensing which signaled me to try to relax the rest of my body as well, all while "singing" a low tone. Sara brought cool wash clothes as I felt overheated were very soothing. It was much harder to relax during these contractions as there was still only a couple minutes between them and Mark needed to eat so he would be away during the beginning of some of the contractions which delayed my ability to relax and sometimes I was not able to relax at all since I couldn't get into my groove before the climax of the contraction. My water broke during one of the contractions just before 5:30AM which gave some relief to the back pain.
The midwives got the tub ready and I got in at about 6:15 but they said not to recline (I sat reclined with legs apart when I was in the tub for Michael's birth) but rather to be on my hands and knees. The warm water felt good on my back but the positioning was awkward and thus I was having a harder time relaxing during the contractions. At about 6:30 I completed transition and there was more time between contractions (just a min or two but enough to where I would almost fall asleep). The contractions were very intense when going and I wasn't realizing I was having the urge to push but rather it felt like I needed to have a bowel movement (I think due to the awkward positioning). The midwife checked me and I was fully dilated. I was in a sort of a side seated/laying position sitting on one my right bent leg. It was at about that time (6:40) that I asked if I could recline back with my legs spread apart and was given the ok. Immediately upon opening my left leg, I had the urge to push with an acute pain (probably due to positioning, it felt like my vagina was going to tear in half). It scared me at first since I still thought I just needed to poop and was told to give little pushes. I pushed with the urge but then my body took over and the head came out, this shocked everyone how quick that happened. A couple minutes later (6:45), Mavick was born with a total of 3 pushes given.
When he came out, they said the cord was short and when I birthed the placenta, we discovered that the umbilical cord actually had a knot in it. I had no lacerations or tearing.

Here is Michael Lee's birth story for comparison:

BLargy 03-02-2012 11:23 PM

Re: Mavick Luke
What an adorable healthy and happy looking bab! Congrats! And way to go mama!

Rainfall 03-03-2012 09:56 AM

Re: Mavick Luke
Oh my gosh, what a squishy sweet baby you have there! :) Congrats on everything, mama! You did great. :)

Almacham 03-03-2012 05:58 PM

Re: Mavick Luke
What a cutie! :wub:

TrammellyFamily 03-25-2012 09:37 PM

Hes beautiful!!!!

remrath 03-30-2012 02:15 PM

Re: Mavick Luke

remrath 03-30-2012 02:16 PM

Re: Mavick Luke

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