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JKLmama 03-03-2012 01:02 PM

Bowen Pierce *added link to pics*
pics here

Bowens Birth Story:

Things started tuesday morning. I woke up with some strong contractions while I was getting ready for Bible study. After Bible study I came home did some cleaning and tried to relax a bit while the kids napped. The contractions continued throughout the day not painful just kinda there and regular. Tuesday evening I went for a long walk figuring if this was real labor it would send me into a better contraction pattern.
We decided to head to the hospital around 9pm and had our friend Michelle come over to watch the kids. By the time we got there the bumps in the road were bothering me but I was still able to breath through them just fine. Once I got back to the room they put me on the monitors, checked my cervix which was a 2 and watched me for a while. Baby started having Decelerations in his heart rate with contractions so they decided to check me again I was still a 2 maybe 3... After a little bit the Doctors came back and said they weren't loving the way babies heart rate was dropping so they wanted to monitor me over night and decide what to do from there.
7am rolled around and the morning doctors came in and decided that we should go ahead and give me some pitocin and see how baby tolerates labor. That being said they wanted to make it clear that they felt I may end up with a C-section if he doesn't stop with the dramatic drops.
Labor was started full blown by 10am. I was managing the contractions just fine, I was able to get up walk around a bit (of course only as far as my cords would reach) I rocked and swayed with each contraction taking it 1 at a time. I felt like I was doing really well and that I could do it. After getting back in the bed with the intentions of getting on my hands and knees... 4 doctors came rushing in and a team of nurses Baby had dropped way down with several of the last contractions.
They checked me and I was at a 6 had me roll to one side then to the other and baby was happy again. Another 30-45 mins passed and another batch of dramatic drops. At this point I was in a lot of pain and wanted to get back up. I also asked if I could just have a little pain medicine to get through this last stage. They came back in and told me no because they didn't want it to effect the baby. And asked me to please get an epidural because they were anticipating a C section still... after 3 or 4 more contractions and a check and I was only a 7 I agreed to the epidural because they again came rushing in with worried faces tossing me from side to side to get him to raise his heart rate. Epidural was placed I was numb they checked me again and still a 7 but because he was lower they could tell that he was sunny side up. One of the senior doctors asked if he could try to turn baby just a little so that he would come down easier. I agreed and he did and baby turned. I was then all of the sudden a 8...then 9 then time to push within like 10 mins. I pushed him out in 5 mins. He came out blue and his cord wrapped very tightly around his neck and body at 5:07pm on Feb 29,2012. I wanted him on my chest but they wouldn't give him to me they took him to the baby bed and began to check him out. At this point I was in tears nothing had gone even remotely as planned. No delay in the cord clamping, no immediate skin to skin, no calm and relaxing birth. I finally got to hold him when he was about 30 mins old. He was just so tine 5lbs 15 oz and 19" long. He laid on me for a bit then his nurse asked me to try to nurse because his blood sugar was low. I did and he latched right away and sucked a few times... I wasn't going to push him to hard I just wanted him to try. We tried the other side another great latch and sucked a few times. I noticed his hands and feet were a bit blue so I decided maybe it was time to wrap him up. His nurse took him to put a diaper on him and listen to him. She wasn't happy with how fast he was breathing or how dusky blue he was getting. The Docs came in and wisked him away.

Once my Epidural wore off I moved rooms and pumped and got to go visit him. They explained to me that he was not in the NICU just the special care nursery and they were hoping to have him back with me in 24 hours. Well 24 turned to 48. His breathing wasn't slowing down and he was still requiring a little extra flow of oxygen. That is when I knew he wouldn't be coming home with me. They discharged me Friday night but gave me a room to stay in if I wanted in another part of the floor.
I was sad to leave him there but VERY happy to sleep in my own bed and see my other 3 loves.
As of now Saturday he is 3 days old and doing much better. We are hoping to bring him home tomorrow as long as he continues to progress.

JKLmama 03-03-2012 01:03 PM

Re: Bowen Pierce
I will post some pics when I get my camera uploaded and of course once he is home

Proverbs169 03-03-2012 01:54 PM

I am glad he is doing better mama! Hope he comes home tomorrow. And- congratulations :)

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Fitter 03-03-2012 05:09 PM

Re: Bowen Pierce
DDC crashing, Amanda Congrats on your new little man :yay: I am glad he is doing so much better, I hope he is home with you soon.

CountryChicMama 03-03-2012 05:27 PM

Re: Bowen Pierce
Congratulations!! I hope your little one gets to come home soon. :hugs:

bluedaisyma 03-03-2012 05:28 PM

Re: Bowen Pierce
DDC crash.... congrats, Amanda! :wub:

bluedaisyma 03-03-2012 05:29 PM

Re: Bowen Pierce
dbl post

umphreysmommy 03-03-2012 06:17 PM

Congrats and hope he can come home soon!

angelina_lover 03-03-2012 06:20 PM

Re: Bowen Pierce
:hugs: congrats mama!!!

VibrantBlue 03-03-2012 06:35 PM

Re: Bowen Pierce
Congrats Amanda! Can't wait to see pics of the squishy new dude :wub:

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