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Termie 06-12-2006 09:46 AM

spinoff: taking scooting tummy sleeper out of positioner
I didn't want to hijack the other positioner thread since they aren't exactly the same, but it did give me motivation to ask the questions looming in the back of my head I haven't asked anyone yet.

Ds wiggled out of his swaddle within 2min even when the nurses did it in the hospital and now he's a scootin' tummy sleeper (we don't swaddle him when he's on his belly obviously).

He scoots up and sideways until he works his head into the corner (top against the top and forehead against the side). I'm nervous that as soon as we take the postioner out he'll mash his mouth and nose into the side (it's not hard sided but soft - almost like a quilt).

I'm also a lil nervous he'll do this in the crib too. Do we just keep him in his positioner anyway to help prevent it? It just seems like I ought to take him out of it so he can work on rolling and stuff if he's uncomfortable.

At 3mo he shows NO sign of even considering rolling when we play on the floor even if I "help" him. So I was starting to think maybe I'm taking away his "independent learning" :giggle: time while he's sleeping at night.

Am I just being an obnoxiously paranoid FTM?

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