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McMamma38 03-23-2012 02:36 PM

Is cooked sushi ok?**Update pg.3**
Or is it too big a risk due to cross contamination?

I love the white dragon roll sushi --but want to be ubber careful.

JulieBeth 03-23-2012 02:39 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
I don't think it's a big deal. I still eat California rolls or veggie rolls. :)

mommy2kaitlyn 03-23-2012 02:46 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
My bff who loves sushi ate cooked when pregnant. It was in 2009. She got me loving sushi :)

ms_mcnann 03-23-2012 03:14 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
Cooked is fine. Congrats? :D

mg5g 03-23-2012 03:18 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
I've always been told to avoid eating anything in a japanese restaurant due to cross contamination - personally I think that is over-dramatic but I've always just done it because I didn't want to go against Dr's orders.

Can you make it at home instead?

gigismomma 03-23-2012 03:23 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
I have friends that eat sushi uncooked during pregnancy -- I guess they don't really see it as a big deal (I know one of them is tired of all the pregnancy restrictions.......she stays away from smoking and heavy drinking, but other than that she doesn't avoid anything).
I would think that even with cross contamination, cooking it would kill anything off......I don't see much risk in it. I mean raw chicken has all sorts of potential nasties, but perfectly safe when cooked.
Now you have me craving sushi :giggle2:

BSWmama 03-23-2012 03:35 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
Cooked is perfectly safe.

Though I avoided all the no-no's the first time around, I am more relaxed now. Personally I think raw sushi is safe, too, as long as it has been frozen. Most sushi fish is frozen.

babylove921 03-23-2012 04:40 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
I eat raw sushi at least 3-4 times during the 3rd trimester. I see no problem with it.

Joyful Tie Dyes 03-23-2012 05:06 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
Charlotte is there something you aren't telling us?

hippiemama86 03-23-2012 05:13 PM

Re: Is cooked sushi ok?
Actually you can eat cooked and raw. You should avoid certain fish that are higher in mercury though. Here are a couple articles on the issue... Enjoy! :)

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