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tibeca 03-26-2012 11:34 AM

Best Belly Binders?
After my first, my abs more or less went back where they belonged. Lucky me! After my second, not at all. I wasn't prepared!

So with this being my 3rd pregnancy, I know I'll need a belly binder if I ever want to correct my diastasis. Price is not an issue as long as the product really works. I would rather put all of this back into place and be thankful than cheap out and be frustrated (although I know higher cost doesn't always equal results).

What are the best brands IYO out there. For reference, I am 5' tall, with ridiculously large breasts (yes, I said it. They're an H cup. I call that ridiculous) and a relatively normal sized lower body (I've always worn a 7/9 jean within 4 months pp). I am also a breastfeeder, so I need to be able to nurse in it.

Rec appreciated!

mom2luke&jake 03-26-2012 11:43 AM

Re: Best Belly Binders?
I dont know how severe your issue is but I used a "sweat band" from walmart and it worked AWESOME for me.

champatlife 03-26-2012 11:54 AM

Re: Best Belly Binders?
I believe I'm going to try this , with probably a belly bandit. I already had wide hips before I started having children, but now they are so spread, that regardless what weight I get down too, have a "flat" stomach. i'm still wide and bigger than I look. It hit me when I went to a belt store, and a lady said, "I'm about a 34"" I grabbed a 38" and she said, "oh no that's going to be huge on you." So, I'm hoping it's going to work, It would def be nice to lose a few inches smaller in the hips. (and maybe it'll help with the pain.

SeaChellsRun 03-28-2012 02:23 PM

Re: Best Belly Binders?
I'm not interested in the american version of belly binding. If the binder isn't under your chest, it can cause a fat roll and if it doesn't then the binder isn't working properly. So you need a long one and preferably one that comes down onto the hips. So... I did my research and found one from singapore (where they've been doing belly binding for centuries)... This is the one I'm going to be using...

It came to $42 USD, the pricing is in SGD. IMO the typical american binders look like a joke compared to these. There are some regular binders that aren't designed specifically for pp but do the same thing and they are longer than the pp ones :headscratch:

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