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jessicalev8 03-29-2012 07:49 AM

My birth story
Saoirse Rowan was born at 151pm March 28, 2012 weighing 8lbs 11oz and 20in long.

I've been monitored for pregnancy induced hypertension since a little after 30 weeks. The past week we weren't able to get the bottom number below 90 and the top hung out around 155. My ob wasn't comfortable with this so we set up an induction date. My original plan was to do it all on my own and naturally but with my bp being stubborn and suspected cholestasis (Im convinced thats what it was, my ob said it wasn't possible :banghead:) I just wanted her out where I knew she'd be safe. So I was told to be there at 530am and they'd start me on a very low dose pitocin, not in my original plan. The contractions picked up a little but I barely felt them so around 830 the doc broke my water. I also had to be stupid and ask for internal monitoring because I wanted to be able to walk around - horrible pain! Getting that put on was worse then labor. But anyways, they upped the pit and I was doing really well breathing through the pain until about 11. Baby was still face up and every contraction was in my back. I got into a car accident in December and messed up my lower back and right hip, the pain from the contractions was excruciating. So I asked for the epidural. I was only 5cm. I felt like a failure, I've done this once all naturally and I really wanted to again but when she got that thing going I felt great lol. It was nice because I could still feel the contractions and I could move my legs. So I wasn't completely numb.

They got the epi in at 1145 and I attempted to close my eyes for a bit when I started feeling a lot of pressure with each contraction. I waited for awhile before mentioning it to the nurses. The pressure was very uncomfortable around 1215 and when they checked me baby was very low and I was fully dialated. They called the doc, who was at home, she got there pretty quick, I think around 1230 and I started to push. She was born not 30 min later :) she was face up so the pain was a lot different from my last 2. She's a big girl! My ob couldn't believe it. 8.11 isn't huge but for me it is. We weren't expecting her to be over 7 :giggle: the placenta took about 30 min to deliver and it made me nervous. But I guess it was also pretty big lol. I had very minimal bleeding despite being anemic and my PP bleeding is almost non-exsitant.

This hospital was great. Baby was put directly on my chest and not taken away until I said it was ok. She laid with me for awhile when they were getting the placenta out but curiosity got the best of me and I gave her to a nurse to be weighed. They delayed cutting the cord, completely respected my decisions to not use the eye goop and what not. They were just awesome. The whole experience was great.

She's been a lazy nurser but she had a ton of mucus that she couldn't seem to clear. She finally spit some of it up and is now a pretty happy camper. It still takes a few tries to get a good latch but I'm ok with that. She'll get the hang of it.

That's my story. Nothing too exciting :giggle: this was right after she nursed for the first time. Her eyes were wide open.

Br2me 03-29-2012 06:33 PM

Re: My birth story
congrats and thanks for sharing your story!!!

Almacham 03-29-2012 08:25 PM

Re: My birth story
Aw, what a beautiful baby! :wub: Congratulations! My DD1 was almost the same exact size at birth.

ReadingRenee 03-30-2012 01:28 PM

Re: My birth story
yay thanks for sharing your birth story! I hope you still don't feel like a failure. I have had my two babies with no epi but I always said if I had to be induced, I was open to the epi. It is so much harder to do with pitocin and having to be monitored and stuff. You did good mama! :hugs:

Also, Saoirse is one of 2 names at the top our list for this baby. Are you pronouncing it "seer shuh?"

ReadingRenee 03-30-2012 01:28 PM

Re: My birth story
Double post. :)

remrath 03-30-2012 02:39 PM

Re: My birth story
Oh she's beautiful! :wub:

sidenote: Chiropractors can do wonders after a car accident. I've been in 3 major ones in the past 4 years, I know!

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