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Mrs.Leichliter 04-13-2012 07:39 AM

Question about Bravado BodySilk bra
I just ordered 3 of these new in M. Now I'm wondering how they'll fit after baby comes. I am a 34DD before pregnancy.
I have two in L that were just getting too big on me (band was stretching out mostly) but I got them used so I don't know how these are supposed to fit right out of the package.
How much will they stretch when my milk comes in and how snug should they fit now?

I love the fit and support of these...but I'm just worried that I'll cause plugged milk ducts if they are too tight once the milk comes in.

lat61 04-13-2012 12:22 PM

Re: Question about Bravado BodySilk bra
I was a 32D before pregnancy, 34DD during pregnancy and ballooned to something in the F-H range after my milk came (sizing varies widely between bras, and I think Bravado tends to size small). I wasn't able to fit into the Body Silk bras until many, many months postpartum,. Since they don't have a cup size, they didn't work for me as I needed a large cup and small band. To get the cup size I needed, the band was way too loose. Instead, on the advice of an extremely well endowed friend who was also nursing, I wore the Bravado nursing tanks and those worked really well for a large cup/small band. They go up to E-F, but you can size up a band size to get the additional room in the cups. So I used a 34EF. When my boobs finally shrunk down, I switched to the body silk bras, in small, which I do like a lot.

jenn5388 04-14-2012 12:38 AM

I have one in the L I believe and I'm a 38ddd I hate it. Totally not big enough in the cup and too loose in the band. Good luck with them!!

wildeyes 04-14-2012 10:53 PM

Re: Question about Bravado BodySilk bra
i LOVE mine. i was also a 34DD prior to pregnancy, didnt change much during pregnancy, but now i am a 34E (or DDD or F depending on the sizing standard used) i wear a med. fits great. its my main nursing bra, my other one is a glamourmom tank style bra. mbody i think. that one is nice for a v-neck shirt when you can pull it down and you dont want to wear a cami (hello summer!)

its very soft, and i havent had any issues with plugged ducts or anything like that.

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