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TwistedBranches 04-16-2012 10:07 PM

This is a trade thread. Please do not ask me to buy your items!

My IHA is below my ISO! PM me with interest, instead of posting here- I rarely check the thread! ;)

Baby ISO:
(BOLDED are things I really want.... and RED are IDSO)

-Kissaluvs Fitteds size 0. The ones with the snaps, and preferably the cotton fleece or organic cotton (no terry- I have those already and want the sherpa ones).
-Kissaluvs OS Marvels FITTEDS. GUC or better. Stains OK (we have lots of sun in AZ).
-Lil Joey's in gender neutral colors that are in GUC or better.
-WOOL! Wool Longies/Shorties/Covers, either gender (I'm stashing). ;) I will look at any and all! I love greens, fall colors, and would love a very hungry caterpillar set , or a super cute gender neutral scrappy set! I would love any MM Winter Pear, and MM Barn Owl ... basically I am a sucker for fall colors, oranges, and greens. I would also love a set of crankypants and sock monkey look alike! :)
-WOOL Longies/Shorties/Covers in purple and gold/yellow. I'm a grad of JMU and those are my college colors! Also ISO wool longies in Arizona Diamondbacks colors ('sedona' red, black, white mainly), or baseball themed (mainly to satisfy DH's love of baseball and his team!)
-GroVia NB AIO in Nature print, GUC or better.
- FliP organic Cotton inserts, and stay dry inserts (1-2 each to try)
-NB photo props.
-KidsLine Zanzibar items. (I have a full crib set, diaper stacker, two pillows, rug, hamper, and mobile). Looking possibly for the basket liner, or any other little accessories. This is what the set looks like.
-Long shot, but.... Girasol size 6 woven wrap, preferably in an orange (Tangerine Twist- colorway #28, would be my dream! It needs to be 4.6m-- I anticipate this as a partial trade and have PP ready!), Mai Tai Solorveil carrier for the water, Ergo Performance (I heard it has a longer torso-- this is for DH, so probably black-ish, with red accents? Again, they are AZ Diamondbacks colors!). Good used or well used conditions are fine. We want to try LOTS of different carriers to see what will work for us. (Basically, if you have a carrier that's NOT a bjorn, and are ISO anything IHA, please let me know and I will tell you if it's something we want to try, or if we already have it!)
-Boba 3G carriers in BOTH Soho and Lila.
-Gemstone necklaces with healing properties (other than amber, can have amber in it), knotted after each bead
-Any police, paramedic, or fire themed baby stuff. Also any Arizona Diamondbacks baseball baby gear/apparel. (for DH! He would love this!)
-Diaper Sprayer
-I could always use fabric wipes (I have gotten lots, but can still use more!).
-GMD workhorse fitteds (snap), Sbish OBF. Try me on most fitteds that have bamboo or hemp!
-Try me on other WAHM fitted diapers, and BG 4.0's in snaps (LOVE mirror!), BGE's (would love to try- older style, I heard they came out with a new one :sadno:), and I think I'd like to try a Kawaii Baby (the newer ones). Try me on other AIO's.
-BG Artist in the light blue color (retail therapy?) in SNAPS only.
-Fetal Doppler

Best Friend's Baby Cowgirl ISO:
-Baby girl Cowgirl clothing, things with horses on it, etc.
-Used (very used and FFS is preferred and is ok) cowboy boots, any size (to line walkway for the baby shower. We are going to put flowers in them!)
-Any baby cowgirl things you may have... spam me with them! I want to give her a bunch of things on my teeny tiny budget, so trading is awesome! She is going to be CDing and EBFing for sure, and this is her first! Baby girl is due in May!

Mama ISO:
-MYYN: Someone to knit me a FASC (Far Away So Close) shawl out of my MM Far Away, So Close LT wool yarn. :) (I have 2 full skeins cw, one skein trim). I would do it but I don't have the time right now!
-Happy Hausfrau products, (love spell, Eucalyptus Spearamint)
-Naturally Luxe products, especially Pink Sugar/Love Spell
-Gemstone Necklace or Bracelet (Adult)... would love to get one with healing properties for harmony, de-stress, and uplifting spirits! Either for me or for DH if I can get him to wear one!
-FertiliTea, non-expired First Response Digital Pregnancy Tests.
-Deepak Chopra's Book: "Guide to Holistic Pregnancy: Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives"
-Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
-Birthing From Within, by Pam England, Rob Horowitz
-It Works wraps
-Learn to Knit books, Knitting Bible
-Bamboo or Addi Turbo Circular Knitting needles, longer than 12."
-Craft books about up cycling
-Fabric Shaver!!!
-Dharma dyes, partials are fine. Any color. Try me on other dyes as well.

-Food Saver with bags (we got a big freezer and I want to try my hand at freezing meals!)
-OBV yardage
-Insanity workout DVD's!
-Re-useable freezer size bags, sandwich bags, and snack bags.
-Un-paper towels
-kitchen Aid mixer cover (WAHM made is fine!)
-Kitchen Aid Mixer ice cream maker, extra bowl (metal, also a glass one), paddle scraper, pasta maker, and grain mill.
-Umbrella yarn swift
-Beginner Spinning Wheel or drop spindle

-Wool Yarn, especially MM Winter Pear TRIM, MM Barn Owl (Colorway and trim). MM Crocus (Colorway and Trim), yarn or scraps and matching trim! Would also love MM Spices in Licorice Twist with trim! Also, DH Very Hungry Caterpillar yarn/scraps, Pinkebody Legend of a Cowgirl! Try me on any wool yarn, diapering or superwash. (NOT ISO ANY NON WOOL YARN!):)

For DH (gifts):
-Try me on anything Arizona Diamondbacks
-Cedar grilling planks
-Paleo cookbooks (try me on titles, we have a few)
-Family Guy DVD's (I think we have all through season 5 or 6, plus the star wars and Stewie one)
-DVD's (with covers and in excellent condition(no scratches)-- these are for his birthday): "For the Love of the Game" and "The Blind Side"

And now, for my IHA:

If you are interested in something, please PM me for photos if none are listed, or for more photos if you desire more.

Here is what I currently have FSOT:

Momma's Closet Cleanout
Maternity ALL SIZES
Craft Items
[B] Baby Girl 3-12mo
Baby Girl 12-24mo
Baby Boy 0-12 months

I have a bunch more baby clothes, both genders, up to 3T that I need to update the threads with. If you are ISO any specific season/size, PM me for what I have. There is just so much to list!!

Also, I would be willing to trade my custom woodburning pieces (price varies) for the right trade! (carriers/wool especially) I've had the most success in badge reproduction for police and fire-- great gifts for DH's! Here is a link to my website:

I also have lots of random National Park Service books and memorabilia from my career as a ranger.... it's a long shot, but maybe someone is interested in some things? Books, nick nacks, antique things, patches, etc. I have two small "Yellowstone National Park" photo boxes that I was going to be using as "treasure" boxes... both new with tags. Retailed for $16/each, but would let them go 2 for $10. See photo below for a picture of one of them:

NPS Books:

Homeschool type books:

-The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy in GUC. (PM for photo if needed)

*All Crayola products except for the 24 pack of colored pencils are gone- mostly to a needy local family for the holidays!*, NIP #2 pencils. Other things in photos also are FSOT:

ASOLO Snowfield II Women's X-country/Telemark 3-pin leather boots with Vibram soles, size 8 1/2. These were worn once, and never worn on skis. (Just wore outside to see how they felt, and then decided to stick with downhill skiing). Craftsmanship is AWESOME on these. They retail well over $100, asking $70 or MMARO/Trade!

Printable Wedding Invitations- NIP- 30 to package/2 packages. LOVED these for my rustic grand canyon wedding, and have these left over for someone else to enjoy!

BRIDES Wedding Gift Tags- 2 packages (can be used for other than wedding also):

Kodak easy share photo paper (160 sheets) and printer cartridge refills for photo dock printer: (I believe it is this: I will verify the information on the box with anyone interested if it will work with their dock, since it won't work in our normal kodak printer. :(

-Black and suede JanSport backpack in used condition:

-Three 2.5" tall non-poseable well loved Thundercats figurines from 1986.

-Bearington Collection Angel Bear with tag (giftable condition, with tags!):

-Disney Store "The Jungle Book" Mug, New in box (giftable):

-Disney Magic Kingdom/Epcot/MGM Studios Commemorative 25th anniversary color change plastic glasses. New, never used (giftable):

-Small (American Girl doll size, which is what we used it with) Disney's Aladdin Book. (Full story, just in a doll sized book!):

Send me a PM if you're interested in any trades! I'll accept paypal for any items listed in this, too. Basically, if you are interested in anything, MMAO! :thumbsup:t

TwistedBranches 04-17-2012 11:04 AM

Re: My IHA/ISO list: 4/16/12... lots of photos!
Traded Below!

-Comic books from the early 90's- X-men, Marvel Comics, Etc. (Photos on Photobucket have the cover as the first photo, and then the back as the 2nd photo) TV will vary with these, and I'll make you a good deal if you just want to take the lot!

-Approx. 300 X-men cards from 1991-1994.

-Retro Girly fabric, I believe it is cotton. (no markings to indicate, but that's what it feels like!). I got this at a thrift store a few years back and have been meaning to make something with it, but I think a WAHM might be able to concoct some pretty CUTE things with it! It measures 34x62 for the main portion of it, and it has a little 14"x24" part on one end.: TV- $5

-0-3 month boy shirts for longies, and 3-24 month boy shirts
-Greek Soaps
-Mickey Christmas Snow angel christmas ornament
-Wilton size 16 tips

TwistedBranches 04-17-2012 05:57 PM

Re: My IHA/ISO list: 4/16/12... lots of photos!
BUMP for added TV's and updated ISO! Any mama's out there? I want to trade! I will be adding more things over the next week. :)

TwistedBranches 04-18-2012 08:14 AM

Re: IHA: Vera Bradley, D&B, and vintage stuff! ISO: Grass giraffe, Fitted Kissa's, Et
BUMP! Any momma's out there that want to trade?! I can also offer up any Arizona/Southwest hot sauces if you'd like to try any! (I'd have to buy these, but I'm totally willing to let you get a taste of the southwest if you live elsewhere, especially if you have anything on my ISO in bold red!)

TwistedBranches 04-18-2012 11:16 PM

Re: IHA: Vera Bradley, D&B, and vintage stuff! ISO: Grass giraffe, Fitted Kissa's, Et
:bumpsign: Evening bump! Any mama's out there want to trade?! I will add more books and things next week.

TwistedBranches 04-19-2012 10:38 AM

Re: IHA: Vera Bradley, D&B, and vintage stuff! ISO: Grass giraffe, Fitted Kissa's, Et
morning :bumpsign:

Dillysmum 04-19-2012 12:18 PM

Re: IHA: Vera Bradley, D&B, and vintage stuff! ISO: Grass giraffe, Fitted Kissa's, Et
I have 5 kissa luvs size 1 small staining. Asking$25 for all. LMK and i will send pics

TwistedBranches 05-03-2012 02:36 PM

Re: IHA: Vera Bradley, D&B, and vintage stuff! ISO: Grass giraffe, Fitted Kissa's, Et
:bumpsign: I haven't bumped this in a while! Been busy! Any traders out there?!

TwistedBranches 05-04-2012 06:19 PM

Re: IHA: LOTS! (Vera Bradley, D&B, and more!) ISO: LOTS!
:bumpsign: Anyone out there? I love to trade!

TwistedBranches 05-05-2012 10:38 AM

Re: IHA: LOTS! (Vera Bradley, D&B, and more!) ISO: LOTS!

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