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lotstolearn 04-18-2012 12:33 PM

feedback question
Sorry if this is not the right place to post this question.

I "won" a lotto and the person said they would pay for shipping. The person has never shipped the items. I have sent emails and pm's, but have never recieved a response.

What do I do about this? Leave negative feedback? Contact an administrator?

2+2macht4 04-18-2012 12:36 PM

Re: feedback question
I do not believe you can leave feedback as money never exchanged hands.

I am sorry that is a real bummer.

But I would still notify a mod, has the mama been online.

2+2macht4 04-18-2012 12:38 PM

Re: feedback question
Looks like other people were in line before you as well. Did she ever communicate with you to say you were getting them outside the thread?

4littlenorskes 04-18-2012 01:30 PM

Re: feedback question
Did she pm you to let you know she would be shipping it to you as it does look like there were a couple mamas ahead of you? Also, it looks like she hasn't been on since the end of March. Sorry, this happened. :hugs:

No, you cannot leave feedback as money was not exchanged.

lotstolearn 04-20-2012 09:39 PM

Re: feedback question
Yes, she sent me two pm's. One said she was shipping on a Monday and would get the tracking number to me that evening. It is frustrating because she has been online since then.

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