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lat61 04-19-2012 08:22 PM

trouble tighening harness tension
We just moved our LO from an infant seat to a convertible -- a Radian in my car and a TrueFit in the hub's car. Today is the first day that LO has traveled in the seats, and both of us had trouble using them. I had some trouble adjusting the harness tension on the Radian this morning, but eventually got it sufficiently snug. I felt like I had to pull really hard to get it reasonably snug. The hubs called from the daycare pick up and was super frustrated because the straps wouldn't tightened evenly. He was pulling as hard as possible, and only one strap seemed to tighten.

I don't remember having this issue with the infant seat. It seems strange that we are both having this issue with two different car seats. Is this just because its a new seat and the tension adjuster needs to be broken in? On the TrueFit, is there a way to ensure both sides are tightening at the same rate? We have checked to make sure the straps are adjusted to the same length total and that they were loosened the same amount before tightening. Is there a mechanism on either seat that prevents tightening any more when it gets to a certain point? It doesn't seem like it should be this difficult, so what are we doing wrong?? :banghead: Any help would be greatly appreciated!

jjordan 04-19-2012 08:34 PM

Re: trouble tighening harness tension
The Truefit has a continuous harness, which means that the sides can get uneven. I would even them out without a child in the car and then readjust as necessary.

The Radian harness adjuster can be a pain in the neck, don't even get me started.... ours ranges from difficult to nearly impossible. It might help you to know that the mechanism is designed to work in a ratcheting motion, so it's tug-tug-tug rather than one smooth pull. Assuming the seat is rear facing, it might help to pull the excess slack from the back side of the seat with one hand and then pull the harness adjuster strap with the other hand.

Pixels 04-20-2012 11:23 AM

Re: trouble tighening harness tension
Both the SKJP Radian and the TrueFit have ratcheting adjusters, so you need to tug release tug release. If you have a Diono Radian (the ones that have booster mode) then it's a smooth adjuster. Regardless of the type of adjuster, I always tighten like this: grab the harness just above the crotch buckle and pull up to get any slack out of the hip area. Then reach behind the seat, and pull the harness there to pull the slack out of the chest/shoulder area. Then you can pull the harness adjuster to get the slack out of the back of the seat.

The TrueFit's harness is one long strap that goes from the splitter plate in back, through the shell, through the chest clip and crotch buckle, down under the shell near the child's hip, then comes up by the other hip, back through the crotch buckle and chest clip, through the shell then back to the splitter plate. To even it out, grab the harness near the child's hip on the tighter side and pull up a bit.

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