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Mom2Connor 04-20-2012 08:17 AM

Toddler removed diaper last night
ah, the joys of toddler hood! DS is 20 months old, and generally sleeps from about 7pm to 7am, but some nights he'll go down at 8pm. Last night he got to stay up till 8 because his grandma was visiting, so he was not happy about going to bed. He cried for a few, and when I went in to check on him later before I went to bed, found he'd taken his pants and diaper off during his pre-bedtime protest. :giggle2:

He wets a TON at night, luckily he had pee'd in his diaper before he fell asleep, and he didn't pee in his crib that whole two hours or so he was diaperless! He was sound asleep on two of his favorite stuffed animals so I just couldn't bare to let him soak through them with urine, I wasn't sure that much would wash out. I felt bad but ended up waking him and re-diapering him, and putting on one of the few 24 month onesies left that is long enough to fit him, so he couldn't pull that stunt again. LOL

lecialefty 04-20-2012 08:58 AM

Yeah my dd1 will take her diaper off if it doesn't have snaps. She won't sleep with pjs on either so snaps all the time for her.

jamilynn84 04-20-2012 11:45 AM

Snap diapers. Or one piece jammies.

Apologizing in advance for iPhone typos/autocorrect

melyndie 04-20-2012 01:41 PM

Re: Toddler removed diaper last night
My DD (22m) can easily unsnap her onsies and her diapers, and she can unzip her sleepers. She hasn't done all three of these things at night (yet), but when she does, I'll have to use sleep sacks with the zipper pull at the bottom. I hope those will stop her for a while!

EmilytheStrange 04-20-2012 01:48 PM

Re: Toddler removed diaper last night
we are dealing with this right now with velcro diapers. Everytime we put her in one, if she's not wearing something over it (pants, etc), she takes it off. I'm excited cause I want to potty train SO bad :)

but.. she hasn't figured out how to remove her pants yet to get to the diaper, so that's been my saving grace. Otherwise we're going to have to remove half our stash just to only use snaps. I'm sure she'll be able to undo those soon enough, but hopefully will be old enough to PT then.

fish3737 04-20-2012 01:50 PM

Re: Toddler removed diaper last night
My last DD started going this at about 20 months too (a couple months ago).

She totally unzips her pajamas or takes off her top and bottom jammies.

So i found two solutions for us:

1. The really old style two piece Carter's jammies. The top and bottom snap together in like 4 or 5 different places.

2. Escape Jays - they zipper up the back. We got them on Babysteals.

She can pull off any diaper so the jammies need to be the barrier. LOL

kangasox 04-20-2012 02:03 PM

Mine is the same age and does the same thing. she can unsnap anything, too! And she HATES one piece pjs. We put her in fleece pants over her diaper. She hasn't figured out how to get the tighter waistband down over her diaper...yet...

ssand23 04-21-2012 06:30 PM

We use snap diapers & one piece pjs. Baby Gap online (not in stores) has one piece summer zipper pj's in up to a size 5T.

We've been using these since my little guy wears a size 5 and I've yet to find anywhere else that sells one piece summer pjs.

Also try putting things on backwards. :) Backwards diapers & backwards one piece pj's if they can undo the zippers or snaps.

-mom to 3 big girls (9, 12 & 18 ) & 1 little guy (26 months)

b bright 04-22-2012 01:39 PM

My 22 month twins have started doing this too! They can pull off Velcro. They can undo snaps. They can take off pants, shorts, pj's, sleepers, sleep sacks, etc. We put the sleep sacks on inside out and that stopped them for a while (they zip from top to bottom, but they figured out how to unzip them) so we switched to inside out and it worked for a while until they figured out they could crawl out of the neck hole!

We are at a loss now with the possible we exception of putting the sleep sack on backwards, but the neck might be uncomfy. :(

2+2macht4 04-22-2012 01:41 PM

Re: Toddler removed diaper last night
My son some how gots his off last night and it was wrapped around his leg in his jammies.

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