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kymdenise 04-28-2012 07:28 PM

What are your cravings and aversions?
This time around, I can't stand pop or coffee. I was a pot a day coffee drinker, and loved Pepsi.
Now I am kind of feeling liberated from all that bad stuff. I drink water or apple juice, and my favorite is pink lemonade. My indulgent beverage is hot chocolate, but I feel crappy afterwards. It just feels so good going down.

As for food, I have been all about cheese and crackers. Mmmmmm. Oh, and a fudge pop tart here or there.

mariamommy 04-29-2012 03:14 PM

My cravings/aversions start almost immediately when I find out I am pregnant, and end around the 4th month.

I craved:
Processed american cheese plain (ew!)
Fresh tomatoes with salt
Oatmeal with chocolate chips

Was really averse to:

That's all I can remember!

mibarra 04-29-2012 06:41 PM

Peanut Butter M&Ms
Pizza Hut Pan pizza

Mint, especially toothpaste
The smell of cooking bacon
Anything too creamy/slimy
Steak (which I normally LOVE)

m_lharper05 05-02-2012 07:03 PM

Re: What are your cravings and aversions?
I used to LOVE yogurt, and now I cant even look at it! Same with pickles. I loved pickles before I got preg and now I cant even think about eating one.

Mostly craving EVERYTHING sweet. Smoothies, orange juice, fruit, ICE CREAM! I try to stay away from that one :)

crazymom 05-02-2012 08:17 PM

This time around its been salty and sweet together....

Pretzels and nutella
Chips and peanut m&ms
Also cherry coke which I never drink non prego

The smell of coffee ( I usually drink 2-3 cups a day)
Mint toothpaste
Sweet stuff before lunch time

Di..... mom to my teen, my princess, and a new addition may 2012. I can spell but my iPhone can't!

travelingpea 05-15-2012 10:12 AM

Re: What are your cravings and aversions?
Cravings: Basically anything with sugar- especially chocolate, ice cream, & cake.
Aversions: At the beginning there were MANY. Now that I'm further along, it's down to just fried chicken and cabbage/ sauerkraut related items.

joeslittlewoman 05-16-2012 08:00 PM

Having aversions to sweets and butter. Everything at Starbucks turns my stomach, which is WEIRD for me, lol. The only thing I LOVE that isn't disgusting me is pizza, but it's kind of 'meh'. It is usually my addiction. I just don't have much desire for food. Great time to bring on the veggies, I guess.

Eta: I think cheese has been my only craving lately. I love cheese, but when I grab It over slice off triple chocolate cake, something is up!

Michelle_M 05-16-2012 10:25 PM

Re: What are your cravings and aversions?
Bagels with cream cheese
Spicy food (especially jalapenos)
Spicy chicken sandwiches with bacon and cheese.

Cravings I can't have:
Red wine

Beef (except for bacon cheeseburgers).. but I can't stand to smell it cooking

Not exactly an aversion.. but I don't really want sweets. Not like I used to it's like I just don't care about them. They don't sound good to me when offered.

God bless!

delladea 05-17-2012 08:58 AM

Re: What are your cravings and aversions?
I'm sensitive to most dairy and lactose intolerant. With DD I craved greasy fast food nachos! I never gave in to that one, because I knew I'd be miserable. I was able to kinda placate the craving with non-diary "chreeze" sauce from the health food store and a lot of goat milk yogurt.

I hadn't eaten at a fast-food place in years, and around the 5th month I started craving french fries, BAD. I blame that one for the 20+ pounds that stuck with me after DD was born.

For aversions, anything smoky-smelling made me want to puke. We live near the "BBQ Capital of Texas" and every time I had to drive through town I had to hold my breath. Burning brush would also trigger the same reaction. Vegetables that were raw or cooked with any sort of bite left in them would make me throw up in the 1st trimester (got over that one, thankfully).

1healthylady 05-18-2012 06:51 AM

Re: What are your cravings and aversions?
I haven't had tons of cravings. I want things more based on the power of suggestion. It's a good thing I don't typically drive because I'd probably be stopping for so much fast food based on billboards! I have started to like chocolate though, which is weird because I've never liked it!

Cravings I have had:
Whopper Jrs.
Indian food
Mexican food just this past week

Haven't really had any aversions except the smell of onions and garlic cooking early in first trimester.

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