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wordbox 05-04-2012 07:11 AM

Activities for learning letters, numbers, and colors... for toddlers
I'm looking for some fun ideas for my son to work on learning his letters, colors, shapes, and numbers.

I wouldn't normally push it (he's only 21 months old) but he seems to be genuinely interested in learning these things. He LOVES his Alphabooks. He loves to point things out in books. He knows quite a few colors now, can point out a few letters and numbers, and is starting to count/show an interest in counting.

We just do it naturally with things around us, like crayons and blocks and books. For example, he thinks it's a lot of fun when I ask him to get certain colored blocks, and we stack them. And he'll point to things in books... sometimes on his own, or I'll say, "What's this?" or something similar, or I'll turn it around on him and ask, "Where's the horse/star/clock?"

Any ideas for some fun activities to continue this type of learning? I don't want it to be too academic or anything, more playful... but he seems to really enjoy it and want to learn. This morning he was looking at my tshirt and pointed out two of the letters and one number on it, so I'm definitely not forcing it. He will sit down and flip through his Alphabooks first thing in the morning... and when we read them he will bring me every single one, we almost always go through all 26 of them before he'll accept that we're done. He's like a sponge. I've seen a few things on Pinterest but I'd love to hear from you guys. Thanks!

Rhianna'sMommy 05-04-2012 08:01 AM

Re: Activities for learning letters, numbers, and colors... for toddlers
I think you're doing good with what you're doing.

On thing my dd enjoyed when she couldn't get enough of learning letters was I'd open a word document on the computer and set the font fairly large and let her type letters. She'd type it and tell me what it was (but you could easily tell him too). We'd alternate between setting caps lock and leaving the letters lower case.

Books (and lots of them) were the other thing she loved. She ate up books - especially letter books. Still does actually.

EmilytheStrange 05-04-2012 09:55 AM

What you're doing sounds perfect. My DD (19 months) seems to love to be quizzed. She doesn't talk, but she likes to point things out and have me ask her 'where is the triangle', etc.

I just keep doing it through play. She brings me books and I know she wants me to identify things for her or quiz her or whatever. She likes to point at the letters and have me tell her what they are.

At this age, I think play is the most important way to help learn. You can do tons of things from pinterest if you're wanting to push it further. Squishy bags where you draw shapes and letters with your finger, etc.

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