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Nic23a 05-25-2012 09:36 AM

It is telling me I need to post 6 threads before I can respond to a message. This is my 7th, and its still telling me the same thing.......why?

Harmony96 05-25-2012 01:45 PM

Re: Confused
Your first couple of posts were in the FSOT area, so they don't "count" towards your total. You should be okay to PM now though.

2+2macht4 05-26-2012 03:42 AM

Re: Confused
Yeah you have to post in the discussion areas of the forum not just fsot.

kenyadee 05-28-2012 10:16 PM

Re: Confused
This was confusing to me also.

Nic23a 05-28-2012 10:31 PM

Thank you!

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