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Love4leon 05-28-2012 09:32 PM

Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
This thread is for women that have children who are trying to have more and struggling with infertility (IF). You fall into the IF category if you have been trying for more than a year or if you have known fertility issues. Some have secondary IF and some have primary IF. Some of us are TTC naturally and some need treatments of some type. All are welcome!

We also have women who are praying to make it. Due to prior losses or IF they don't feel like they should join a due date board till after the first 12 weeks. We are truly happy to support you as you transition. Please just keep in mind that we are a group of woman struggling with IF and be sensitive to that as you post. If you put a pregnancy ticker or smiley in your signature, please turn off your signature when you post in this thread. Thank you!

Please note: When your information needs to be updated, please highlight the area that needs to be updated. This will make it easier for me to update you. :goodvibes:

If you'd like to be added please post your info using the format below. Please note: I remove names if you are inactive for one month. This really helps keep the list more manageable, if you would like to be added back, just repost your info. :D

Women TTC: :ttc: :noaf:

Screen Name (Real Name): twinpossible (Anya)
Age: 27
Current Children and age: Gracie and Emma (identical twins 1 year old)
Lost Children and Dates: May 8th 2012 "baby bean" lost at 11 weeks
Diagnosis: "unexplained" 5 years of clear issues have shown up
Treatment and meds: Welcome Womb, we think that's how we conceived last time.
Next Appointment: no more doctors for us, they have found zip. We are totally natural now since nothing else helped.
Cycles TTC another: just miscarried so waiting another week or so before TTC.

Screen Name: Ms.Kaun (Real Name): Eryn
Age: 27
Current Children and age: 3 Living (ages 9, 8 and 6) 4 angels.
Diagnosis: None yet, suspected PCOS. Appointment with a reproductive specialist coming up.
Treatment and meds: Metformin
Next Appointment: June 7th
Cycles TTC another: 13 but I only ovulated for 3 cycles the entire time resulting in 2 early pregnancy losses.

Screen Name (Real Name): 3 Ladybugs (Jennifer)
Age: 35
Current Children and age: 3 lost children (2006), 1 living son - 3.5 years old
Diagnosis: Unexplained infertility to start with, now in menopause due to chemo, also had pelvic radiation that complicates things a bit.
Treatment and meds: Have 5 frozen embryos (my last 5 bits of hope), meds are yet to be determined, will start a prenatal in the next couple of days, on fermented cod liver oil
Next Appointment: 5/16 to do a lining check, will see my oncologist on 7/18, need to schedule a port cath flush for the end of the month.
Cycles TTC another: Got cleared to do my FET back in 11/10 pending oncologist telling my RE I didn't have cancer... turns out I did. So have been waiting since then to get to this point. So honestly, no cycles TTC right now, but 2 years 4 months in the making!

Screen Name (Real Name): doodle19 (Shaye)
Age: 26
Current Children and age: Chloe, 4 years old Ella 13months
Lost Children and Dates: 09/2009 02/2012
Diagnosis: tube obstruction, left tube 100% blocked, right tube also has blocking(not 100%) but barely functioning.
Treatment and meds: Suggested IVF, but we are trying for a yr on our own first.
Next Appointment: 4/17/12
Cycles TTC another: 7months

Screen Name (Real Name): jacquelinemarie82 (Jacqueline)
Age: 30
Current Children and age: Jasmine, 2 years old (2/10/2010)
Lost Children and Dates: N/A
Diagnosis: male infertility
Treatment and meds: Currently on birth control for IVF in July.
Next Appointment: IVF tentatively scheduled for July. NTNP till then so I can get a break from the stress.
Cycles TTC another:

Screen Name (Real Name): ChihuahuaMama13 (Samantha)
Age: 26 (DF 27)
Current Children and age: Gabriel, 1 year (01/10/11)
Lost Children and Dates: N/A
Diagnosis: PCOS
Treatment and meds: Just started Metformin in late Fabruary 2012.
Next Appointment: N/A
Cycles TTC another: Since April 2011

Screen Name (Real Name): Edensmomma (Jena)
Age (DH): 35 (ME) 26
Diagnosis:None yet
Treatment and meds: Nothing this cycle, as I was getting my hormone levels tested. Previously I was on Maca, soy isoflavones, fertilaid with no luck for 6 cycles. I'm thinking of trying another round of Soy Isoflavones next cycle.
Current Children and age: Girl 4 yo, Girl 2 yo
Lost Children and dates: M/C at 15 weeks on 10/23/11, baby born at home and requiring emergency D&C to stop hemorrhaging.
Next appointment: 4/11/12 to discuss fertility/clomid and test results from labs.
Cycles TTC:6

Screen Name (Real Name): Holly dolly (Holly)
Age: 31 (DH 32)
Current Children and age: ds1 Isaac 3/07 ds2 Carson 3/10
Lost Children and Dates: none
Diagnosis: We were NTNP for 4 years, was diagnosed with borderline PCOS (I have everything but the cysts) and anovulatory cycles. Found out I was pg with medical intervention...I ovulated around CD22. Started TTC when he was a year old. After almost 18 mos of trying started on Clomid. No response at CD14 u/s. I kind of gave up. A friend announced she was pg a few months later and I took a test so I could start provera. Got a positive. Dr figured I ovulated around CD 30. We've been NTNP since the end of October when I went off bc. I have cycled once (with the help of Provera).
Next Appointment: none planned at this point
Cycles TTC another: Technically on my second cycle...but 5 mos total

Screen Name (Real Name): Naturally Pampered (Amanda)
Age: 25 (DH 25)
Current Children and age: one DS age 4, 3/08/2008
Lost Children and Dates: 3/28/2005 & 10/30/2011
Diagnosis: Haven't had any testing
Treatment and meds: N/A
Next Appointment: N/A
Cycles TTC another: Implanon Out May 2011, BFP September 2011, M/C October 2011, Actively trying with no luck since loss.

Screen Name (Real Name): yellowitchgrl (Sarah)
Age: 30 (husband 34)
Current Children and age: Andrew-7, Luke-4
Lost Children and Dates: Zach (15w, 7/09), Toby (12w, 12/09), Simon (14w, 6/11)
Diagnosis: I'm perfectly healthy, so are the babies (except they're dead)
Treatment and meds: Praying and some extra folic acid (my idea, not docs)
Next Appointment: Not bothering.
Cycles TTC another: Not trying, but not preventing either

Screen Name (Real Name): ingrid5699 (Ingrid)
Age (DH): 41 (ME) 37
Current Children and age: Patrick, 5 years, Aurelia 3 years
Lost Children and dates: triplets Nov. 2004, baby B May 2006, latest little angel 2'12
Diagnosis: Me: endometriosis and immunological issues, DH: male factor
Treatment and Meds: fresh IVF #9 done, too many meds to list
Next appointment: retrieval was May 31st, transfer set for June 4th
Cycles TTC another: never prevented, 3 FET failures, 1 fresh cycle failure, one m/c after the 2nd fresh cycle this time around

Screen Name (Real Name): finleyjudemommy (Susan)
Age (DH): 47 (ME) 36
Current Children and age: B/G twins 6 and YDD 4
Lost Children and dates: M/C March 04, M/C June 09, Chemical Feb 10 and stillborn October 10
Next appointment: Need to get my thryoid under control before I can move on...hopeful that will be soon. Hopefully will be able to start Lupron as soon as next cycle starts.
Cycles TTC another: Entirely too many to count

Screen Name (Real Name): lalakiwi7 (Liesl - pronounced leesal)
Age (SO): 26 and hubby is 26, Happily married for 6 yrs. Together for 11.
Current Children and age: Noah is our oldest, adopted lil man - 6yrs old. Frances is our first born who just turned 3.
Lost child: early losses 7/2011 & 11/2007
Diagnosis: Stage four endometriosis
Treatment and meds: Just had endo surgery in Jan and finished three rounds of depot lupron. Now waiting for AF. After that Femera 5mg, HCG trigger, and progesterone after O and decadron.
Next Appointment: Will be a follie scan CD 12 once I start AF again.
TTC: Since Francy was a baby.... more than 2.5 years

Screen Name (Real Name): love4leon (Rebecca)
Age: 37 (DH 38)
Current Children and age: Winnie 5 years
Diagnosis: Endometriosis (Me) DH diagnosed with Low sperm count, low motility, and liquidation. 5/11 diagnosed with testicular cancer. Finished chemo August 2011
Treatment and meds: IUI done 1/2/2011, 2/5/2011, 3/2011, 4/2011 Clomid days 5-9, trigger shot and IUI on 2/14/2012,IVF starts June- Egg retrieval June 20th
Next Appointment: June 8th
Cycles TTC another: 27 cycles, but well over 2 years (took a break during cancer treatments

Screen Name (Real Name): carlaross (Carla)
Age: 36, DH 39
Current children and ages: Zach 17, Jarrod 16, Griffin 2 (12-28-09)
Diagnosis: DH had vasectomy '99 (previous marriage), reversal 3/09. Immediately (9 days after surgery) and had my LO 12-28-09. Never used birth control, began TTC another immediately after 1st PPAF, 8/10. After 15 cycles, we began a fertility workup and were devastated to find out he has complete scarring of the reversal site and a zero sperm count. :(
Cycles TTC another: since Aug 2010
Next appointment: January 9 (with my ob/gyn to begin my fertility workup and discuss options)

Screen Name (Real Name): slimy72 (Laurel)
Age: 28 Dh 30
Current Children and age: DS 3yo
Lost Children and Dates: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011
Diagnosis: Endometriosis, do not ovulate regularly. Dh- MS, Celiacs, Ulcerative colitis, low count, poor morphology and motility, but that is suspected due to current medications, will be re-evaluated once off them.
Treatment and meds: Clomid, provera, prometrium, baby aspirin and a host of supplements and vitamins. Laprascope '09, lupron shots '09

Next Appointment: simmering for now, waiting for dh to be off meds before we schedule anything.
Cycles TTC another: 4 1/2 yrs for DS, 2 1/2 yrs so far for #2.

Screen name (Real Name): Melmonkey (Mel)
Age: me - 34, hubby - 35
Children and ages: girl almost 18 months
Losses: none
Diagnosis: unexplained
Treatment: Clomid 50mg cd 3-7
Next Appt: don't have one, hopefully in the next few months we'll be doing OB/Gyn appts again!
Cycles TTC another: AF showed Dec 2010....we have not prevented since then....:mrgreen:

Screen Name (Real Name): sdavis514 (Sarah)
Age: 31 (DH 32)
Current Children and age: one DS age 4 1/2
Lost Children and Dates: none
Diagnosis: We were NTNP for 4 years, diagnosed with PCOS in 2003 and put on clomid from 9/04-1/05, no results, took break and became pregnant with DS with no intervention in Aug 2006. Recent blood work suggested no insulin resistance. Clomid again 9/11-1/12. BFNs :( IUI cycle in April - BFN
Treatment and meds: Clomid 100 mg cd 3-9, ovidrel trigger shot and progesterone suppositories
Next Appointment: Call when AF shows and start clomid, u/s cd 12 to check follicle sizes
Cycles TTC another: NTNP for 4 years, Actively TTC since Jan 11

Screen Name (Real Name): JCPACandMommy (Carissa)
Age: 31 (DH 35)
Current Children and age: one DS age3.5
Lost Children and Dates: none
Diagnosis: PCOS as of Jan '12 but I am ovulating
Treatment and meds: Femara 5mg once daily CD4-8,Metfomin 500mg 3x dialy, Prenatal Daily, HCG trigger ~CD12

Next Appointment:
May 30 US for Folllie check then Trigger then IUI
Cycles TTC another:
Mirena Out April 5, 2011 was NTNP till Aug, then active TTC since then with No luck we are on Cycle #8

Women Pregnant and praying to make it. :crossfingers: :preggo: :pray: If you need to be added to this list please give your EDD and the date you will be 12 weeks. Thank you! To find out how many weeks you are use this link.

Screen Name (Real Name): Psylion (Alanna)
Age (DH): 37 (ME) 38
Diagnosis:high FSH and DOR
Treatment and meds: this will be our third injectables cycle with iui, the first two were with letrozole and menopur and this one is just menopur and metformin
Current Children and age: Sequoia is 4 1/2
Lost Children and dates: early MC 2/12
Next appointment: ?
Cycles TTC another: we only prevented a few months since DD was born
EDD: 12/12/12
12 weeks: May 30, 2012[/COLOR]

Screen Name (Real Name): GracieMak'sMama (Sara)
Age: 22 (DH 23)
Current Children and age: one DD age 2(almost)
Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility
Treatment and meds: Natural diet
Cycles TTC another: Almost a full year.
EDD: Oct 9th
12 weeks: 3/26

:hide: :cheerleader2: Lurkers/Waiting to TTC/Graduates/Cheerleaders :hide: :cheerleader2:

Screen Name (Real Name): amyltc (Amy)
Age: 28 my Dh is 32
Current Children and age: DD1 Allie, age 6, DD2 Hannah age 3
Lost Children and dates: none
Diagnosis: Endometriosis, surgery to remove 9/14/10, tipped uterus, mostly unexplained infertility, subclinical hypothyroidism Meds: Femara days 2-7, 150 iu Bravelle days 7,9,11, HCG trigger,levothyroxin (thyroid)
Next appointment: IUI April 18th
Cycles TTC another: 21 cycles of active TTC, no BC since our 3 yo was born.

Screen name (Real Name): Fleece Be With You (Jessica)
Age: 24
Children and ages: Hunter, born 9-18-09
Losses: none
Diagnosis: Celiac disease (unconfirmed, but a safe assumption at this point)
Treatment: Very limited version of GAPS diet, digestive enzymes, vitamin supplements
Next Appt: Seeing my chiropractor next week to look into my cortisol/adrenal issues.
Cycles TTC another: We haven't been preventing since Hunter was born.

Screen Name (Real Name): Harmony96 (Andrea)
Age: 33 (DH 31)
Current Children and age: DD (5), DS (29m)
Lost Children and Dates: ^i^ DS 11/27/11-12/24/11
Diagnosis: No official diagnosis, but currently having short luteal phases (6-7 days). Probably is just what my body "does" for its first few postpartum cycles.
Treatment and meds: Prenatal, folic acid, iron, several other supplements. Also trying to eat right and exercise (and hopefully lose about 15 pounds, but none of that has happened yet).
Next Appointment: N/A
Cycles TTC another: Lost baby was a c-section, had VBAC consult in March '12 and was told we could go ahead and try again if we felt ready.

Screen Name (Real Name): Hannah Elise (errr.. Hannah... hehe)
Age: 23, and dh is 22
Diagnosis: non-celiac gluten intolerant, malabsorption of nutrients
Treatment and meds: Gluten-free diet. Supplementing with Metagest (stomach acids and enzymes to improve proper digestion), aloe vera gel, and probiotics. Current Children and age: Asher (aka "Wee Goon"), 12.5 months
Cycles: 12/4/11, 1/12/12, 2/11/12, 3/20/12

Screen Name (Real Name): Vegan Princess (Cindy)
Age (SO):32
Current Children and age: Child 1: 2.5 yrs
Lost Children and dates: Chemical pregnancy (11/10), miscarriage at 9.5 weeks (5/11), possible chemical pregnancy (9/11)
Diagnosis: Diminished ovarian reserve for me. Moderate or severe male factor (depending on who you ask) for DH
Treatment and Meds:Beginning 2nd IUI cycle w/5mg femara, ovidrel trigger and prometrium. Will do this cycle and one more IUI and then meet with doctor to discuss IVF or using donor egg. - Moved to IVF
Next appointment: Follicle scan on 9/ 29. IUI on 10/1 or thereabouts. Will meet with RE to discuss game plan again in November.
Cycles TTC another: Had IUD removed 4/10 but really have been trying since 6/10.

Screen name (Real Name): heatherlovesCD's (Heather)
Age: me - 33, hubby - 38
Children and ages: boy 6, Twins girl/boy 4, Twins boy/boy 22 months.
Losses: March '07
Diagnosis: severe male factor infertility
Treatment: IVF/FET, 1 fresh IVF cycle = 1 boy. FET's = 1 early m/c, 2 sets of twins, 1 BFN
Cycles TTC another: I don't keep track. We have been TTC since 11/10.
Due date: Oct 15th
Date I'll be 12wks: 4/2/12

Screen Name (Real Name): Sillyutalktome (Jeanette)
Age: 30 (DH 29)
Current Children and age: Dd - M - 6/08
Lost Children and Dates: Etopic 7/09 (8 weeks) Possible chemical 6/10
Diagnosis: tubal infertility & male factor
Treatment and meds:1st IVF 10/18/11 BFN, FET planned for January
BFP: 2/7/12
EDD: 10/12/12[/QUOTE]

Screen Name (Real Name): Wordmama (Lucy)
Lost children: 8 early miscarriages, Libi (8 week ectopic, March 2011)
Diagnosis: Damaged right tube for me, poor morphology for DH
Treatment and meds:Prayer, maca, zinc
Cycles TTC another: Over a year
EDD: June 18, 2012

Screen Name (Real Name): Dewberri (joy)
Lost Children and dates: Dec. 2010 (6 wks); June 2011 (Kayle(e), 11wks)
Diagnosis: ANA, nonspecific
Treatment: Aspirin daily, Progesterone till 10 weeks
EDD: June 14, 2012

Screen Name (Real Name):
Liz*RN*BSN (Elizabeth)
Lost Children: 5 early m/c
Diagnosis: PCOS, Recurrent Miscarriage, Factor 5 Leiden Clotting Disorder
Treatment and meds: Lovenox, Baby Aspirin, Metformin, PNV, Endometrin
TTC: Over 1 year

Screen Name (Real Name): Meldo (Melissa)
Losses: 1
Diagnosis: DH has low sperm count/motility. Both of our kids were IVF/ICSI babies.
Cycles TTC another: It's our 8th (and last) IVF cycle.
EDD: May 1, 2012

Love4leon 05-28-2012 09:33 PM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
So I still don't have AF. This is really unusual for me- I mean so unusual that I don't remember ever having this happen before. My husband keeps saying- you're not pregnant... so when AF comes we will be excited to move on to IVF. Jeesh! What is going on????

Vegan Princess 05-28-2012 09:47 PM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
Rebecca: That is very strange! Did you feel O? Do you think there is a chance you didn't actually O and are having an anovulatory cycle? Perhaps your doc might need to call in provera to bring on AF if you indeed aren't prego. Don't suppose that box came w/2 tests??

Slimy: I keep meaning to ask how your SIL is? I hope she is still pregnant!


Love4leon 05-28-2012 10:39 PM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
Cindy- I do have a few more tests ;) I'm just so nervous- this has really thrown me- I kind of just want to wait until AF comes... Actually when I had my + opk, I had acne a day later- which is different for me. Plus now I have had slight cramping for about a week- kept thinking AF would arrive each day... but no. I know it only makes sense to test again, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to do it yet...

finleyjudemommy 05-29-2012 06:37 AM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
Today's test is on the bottom. Why is this positive but I take a $tree as well and there MAY be a shadow but nothing to speak of?? Also, went potty this morning and had a little blood when I wiped. I'm freaking out...I mean it was just pink on TP. I had a little of a strained BM so I'm thinking that was what it was.....:headscratch::headscratch: This happened with Jack too.....I'm so scared....

yellowitchgrl 05-29-2012 06:40 AM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
It's odd, and a freak story, but my cousin never once got a positive pregnancy test. She found out she was pregnant at around 5 months when her boobs exploded out of everything. That was her first and only child, though, so no idea if it was just that pregnancy that didn't show up on tests, or if it was something in her self. It was pretty funny cause she and her fiance were leasuirely planning a wedding and had to bump it up quite a bit cause I think she was due when they were going to get married.

yellowitchgrl 05-29-2012 06:42 AM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
I don't know Susan- call your doctor and get some piece of mind. Strained bowels is totally normal, though. That's your body slowing stuff down to get more out of your food. Pack in the veggies and that eases up usually. I had similar things between my live babies and those in heaven. It honestly felt like sometimes there was no rhyme or reason.

yellowitchgrl 05-29-2012 06:49 AM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
As for me- this weekend has sucked the big one health wise. I can't remember if I posted this, but last week I felt terrible like someone was squeezing my throat shut and I was getting this chest pain. So I went to the doctor on Friday. I'm now on 3 doses of PRESCRIPTION anti-histamine, cause one old zyrtec just won't cut it, and 2 anti-reflux meds and I'm feeling marginally better, but not so great. I'm still taking benadry 2 or 3 times a day. The strangled feeling is going down a lot but I still have a lot of chest pain. I'll be interested to see what my test results are (hopefully they're back shortly).

So anyway, while I know it could be a lot of things when I went reading through stuff it sounds a lot like the same disease that my son is suspected of having (eosinophilic esophagitus).

JCPACandMommy 05-29-2012 07:24 AM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
Love4Leon and Slimy... He was on a perscription of HCG just like the trigger shot everyother day. He doesn't produce sperm so this was to help increase this plus I know he was taking Fertiliaid the last couple months....

JCPACandMommy 05-29-2012 07:30 AM

Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th
Treatment and meds: Femara 5mg once daily CD4-8,Metfomin 500mg 3x dialy, Prenatal Daily, HCG trigger ~CD12
Next Appointment: May 30 US for Folllie check then Trigger then IUI

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